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Artificial Plants Unlimited is your one-stop solution for outdoor artificial plants in commercial settings. Faux plants, trees and hedges can be used in conjunction with large commercial planters to enhance the look of a hotel, office or public space.

Rather than search for plants, trees, and bushes from one company and hope they match up and fit with the planter from another, shop our online site where we can help you choose the best artificial plants that fit perfectly into one of our custom made planters.

Our fade-resistant azalea, ivy and boxwood hedge material, trees, and botanicals are created through a process where the ultraviolet protection is impregnated into the material during manufacturing. This blending of chemicals into the fabric, plastic and PVC parts improves colorfastness and minimizes color degradation. After one year of UV exposure equivalent to the climate of Miami, FL, the product we use had no visible color loss.

For questions custom plantscapes and trees, call customer service today: 888-320-0626 7am - 5pm PST, M-F

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Considering the many benefits of decorative artificial landscape plants, it's no wonder throngs of trade professionals and luxury property owners are going the faux route. From outdoor artificial hedges for privacy, to decorative green walls, the market for maintenance-free replica alternatives is hotter than ever.

Why Buy Outdoor Artificial Plants

A better question might be, why not? While the concept of putting fake foliage outside may seem foreign at first, many a commercial and residential client are embracing the idea. These high-quality artificial plants for look more realistic than ever and are outfitted with superior weather and UV resistance. As such, going faux is a great way to overcome environmental limitations for a fuller landscape without challenging maintenance.

Can I incorporate fake plants with live ones?

Absolutely. Fake trees, artificial hedges, shrubs and even bamboo can all hold their own amidst living botanicals. In fact, they already mingle with live landscapes more than we realize. Like clusters of fake flowering shrubs to brighten up a shaded tree ring. Whatever their purpose, the best artificial outdoor plants will offer an authentic look - be it a reproduction of tree trunks, palm fronds or hardy boxwood.

The road to lower maintenance is just a click away.

We offer clients the freedom to shop the best fabricated and bespoke trees, foliage and hedges online. But that doesn't mean our products are without support. Whether you have questions about a standard privacy screen featured on our website, or want to design custom faux outdoor hedges, our expert customer service team is here to help.

Please call toll free to learn more about how artificial plants for outside applications can benefit your project's bottom line. Not to mention boost the exterior aesthetics of restaurant patios, open air commercial terraces, luxury homes, and many more exciting spaces. The beauty and ease of faux outdoor plants awaits your next design project!