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Ferns and Ivy

Ferns and Ivy

Ferns and ivy have a way of adding old-world charm with no-maintenance sophisticated greenery. Unlike their living counterparts, artificial Boston ferns and English ivy from Hooks & Lattice are significantly less finicky about soil and watering. In fact, they don’t require either-after all, they are fake! Whether in blazing sun or complete shade, rain deprived or regularly soaked, our outdoor artificial ferns and ivy add a pop of life. Due to built-in UV protection fake ferns maintain their brightly draping arms, and artificial English ivy imitate their live evergreen models, only better. All outdoor artificial plants are sold and shipped un-potted, by the individual stem. As outdoor rated products, all of our artificial plants stand up to tenacious exterior elements in any climate conditions. You can find artificial plants made from a variety of different textures; however, silk plants are the most realistic alternative- but you will find that they fade very quickly! Our UV-rated outdoor artificial plants will not fade for years, even in direct sunlight! Inspired by the purity and beauty of nature itself, the artistry of our products is unrivaled. Every little nuance and detail matters. From the two-tone colors to the way the foliage moves in the wind, our commitment to craftsmanship elevates every environment from ordinary to exceptional.

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