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Flowering Vines

Flowering Vines

Artificial flowering vines can be as good as the real thing as demonstrated in this category. Instantly populate trellises, window boxes, and hanging baskets with lush, trailing vines and bright blooms. These outdoor rated UV protected flowering vines are always in season, always fresh-looking, and vibrant green year-round. If you're not into watering, these beautiful fake flowers are for you. They're the perfect decorative accents for darker, smaller spaces like entrances to apartments or shops, covered balconies and back porches. They need zero care—that means no watering, no trimming back, and no clipping unsightly and withered flowers. Use them indoors or out, as permanent greenery or while you’re waiting for real plants to grow. Our artificial flowers are weather and fade resistant, environment friendly, made with long-lasting materials engineered to endure harsh outdoor settings. The artificial outdoor rated flowering plants have UV protectants in the raw materials, so our products won’t fade and will maintain their natural look and feel.

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