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Succulents and Palms

Succulents and Palms

Artificial succulents and palms come in various different sizes, so if you prefer a tropical theme, or desire more of the desert landscape look for your curb appeal, then you can select a smaller palm for your favorite plant container. Or plant in the difficult to grow spaces in your yard or garden without ever having to worry about tending. These artificial plants come with deep and rich greenery so you feel like you are on a tropical vacation or relaxing in a getaway destination like Joshua Tree. You can pair artificial succulents and palm trees with decorative planters to brighten up your décor. Each faux cactus plant and succulent we offer is modeled after the striking silhouettes of plants found in the North American desert and temperate regions. These UV-protected, outdoor investments require no water and their climate requirements are non-existent. Place lifelike and durable succulents and cacti in any environment for lasting desert appeal. Our succulent imitations include choices like the aloe plant, agave trees, yucca plants and trees, and Echeveria succulents.

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