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Window Boxes with Artificial Plants & Flowers

Window Boxes with Artificial Plants & Flowers

For a reliably fresh display all year-round, artificial window box flowers and arrangements do not disappoint. Any of our beautifully designed window boxes with fake flowers will blend into your gardenscape and among other live plant life. Although realistic enough to display at eye level, placing window boxes with artificial plants on a second or third floor windows is particularly popular. No hard-to-reach watering or plant maintenance, just lush and lively colors during any season.

Our selection of fabulously faux arrangements includes geranium, bougainvillea and azalea. Each replicated silk flower is made from a quality-grade PolyBlend material that offers a convincing imitation of nature and also UV protection for exterior use. Displaying flowers, vines and foliage are truly a faultless answer for window boxes in elevated or hard-to-reach places. Also, with UV protection already built into the plant, these products hold their color over multiple seasons for long-lasting, carefree beauty.

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