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Large Scale Window Box Planting

Most would agree that the appearance of flowers, vines, and greenery enhance and add curb appeal to any outdoor setting. There's something about tailored landscaping that instantly updates and freshens a home or business. But taking care of real plants isn't always possible, especially for busy business owners or grounds keepers. That's why these artificial plants were designed. Just looking at them, you'd never guess they aren't the real deal, so you can rest assured that your guests and visitors will never realize you don't spend hours tending to your planters. Each boxwood/azalea plant will maintain a lush green appearance, and you'll never have to pick up a watering can.

These outdoor artificial plants are UV treated to prevent fading, so they'll easily maintain their striking appearance over time. They come displayed in our Laguna planter box and boast a large scale design fitting for commercial applications where a little extra landscaping is needed. Ideal for use along seating or walking areas in retail areas, along city squares, or anywhere a little more flourish is needed. Pair with colorful artificial flowers and create a vibrant display, or leave them just as they are for a simple, well manicured landscape.

Laguna planter boxes can be customized in a variety of colors and sizes. Plants come with dirt covering for an authentic look.