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Let your garden grow without actually having to grow it! For landscape and interior designs demanding of consistently blooming flowers and always-thriving greenery, minus the full-time gardener, look no further than our collection of outdoor and indoor artificial plants.

With authentic-looking botanicals rated for use in both interior and exterior settings, designers, planners and architects can choose from a wide selection including indoor and outdoor imitation plants, trees, tropical flower bushes, hedges, topiaries and more. Interior products, like our selection of indoor hedges, effortlessly tie together commercial spaces while adding a pop of color and life. Exterior varieties, like our hanging baskets with fire retardant plants and flowers, are vibrant accents that also cut down on resource expenditure for watering and general upkeep.

Unlike your customary lot of mundane silk flowers and ordinary indoor hedges, our collection is bursting with personality. Better than silk, the materials used for our indoor and outdoor plants are top of the line and designed to uphold their color and structure, even in heavily weathered commercial-scapes. We've also brought together a wide assortment of fire retardant plants that uphold safety requirements while sprucing up any space.

Mix and match your outdoor and indoor faux plants with our comprehensive selection of commercial planters and make us your one-stop shop for full-on business beautification!

Save Your Business Money With Decorative Plants

When you see greenery, do you imagine the monetary green quickly disappearing from your landscape and design budget? Plants, flowers, hedges, trees, you name it - if it photosynthesizes, it's money out of your pocket in general care and upkeep, in addition to the steep initial costs for matured botanicals that are ready to place in commercial designs. If you're a designer, architect or project planner who can't bear the thought of sacrificing beauty for practicality, then worry not, we offer another way!

Decorative plants save your company money long-term on expensive maintenance and plant replacement, while always looking their best. If a streamlined, well-kept fašade is what you're after without all the watering and pruning, then our collection of commercial plants is the place to look. Satisfy your eye for design with attractive collections of outdoor and indoor hedges, trees, topiaries, plants and more. Also, add an element of safety with our available selection of fire safe plants.

Realistic Faux Indoor Plants

We also provide an extensive collection of indoor plants to ensure your extraneous flora and fauna flows into an equally stunning interior space. Choose from indoor hedges, trees, topiaries, plants and flowers to bring the beauty of the outdoors, in. Engage guests with the pointed geometry of our topiaries, coming in shapes like obelisk, spiral and spear, ball and custom logo inspired designs. Or, add a blast of brightness with flowers or a fruit tree with blooms that looks so realistic, you'll have to resist the urge to harvest and make fresh-squeeze orange juice.

UV Protected Exterior Beauty that Lasts

Our outdoor plants start with a climate-centric design, and employ weather resistant materials like ultraviolet protection woven into the construction of the product. Since the defense is part of the structure, at the moment you purchase an outdoor rated hedge or tree, it's ready for insertion into any exterior commercial-scape. In addition to weather shielding, our outdoor rated collection is constructed of durable materials like plastic, PVC and colorfast fabrics. Effortlessly siphon hotel guests from their luxury suite to a tropical pool and spa oasis with a row of artificial hedges, or beckon pedestrians into your downtown diner with a row of boldly hued hanging plants, and do it all regardless of whether the sun shines or the rain falls!

Fire-resistant Plants and Trees

Across our botanical selection, also look for our fire retardant plants constructed from "Inherently Fire Retardant" (IFR) resins. Meet municipal fire code requirements without the additional purchase of sprays by incorporating our IFR collection into your next hotel, medical office, or hospice care facility renovation. Fire resistant plants are preferred - and often required - for assisted living facilities, medical offices and in hospitality design.

For more information on available styles, sizes and colors call customer service today at 1-888-320-0626.