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Indoor Cactus and Artificial Succulents

Accent interior design with artificial cactus and artificial succulents. Our realistic plant replicas are inspired by the world's hottest, most arid environment. It follows that faux succulents and cacti embody all the heft, translucency and vividness of a desert species. The result is a fresh, modern accent for all types of interiors.

Above and beyond the usual silk succulents, our plants are manufactured with nature in mind. Reproductions are true to plant shape and size as well as color and variation in the foliage. And arrangements of artificial cactus and succulents are designed with a florist's eye. Our combinations of color, texture and shape engage the eye in delightful ways. Plus, various containers are available for all project scales - from large artificial cactus plants for floor display, to smaller tabletop arrangements for reception desks.

Need custom arrangements of Faux Succulents and Cacti? Call
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Blooming Spotted Aloe and Succulents in Tuscan Planter 17inLx17inWx29inH
Aloe and Succulent Mix in Modern Round Fiberglass Planter 18inDx36inH
Money Plant and Succulent Mix in Tapered Round Planter 16inDx26inH
Money Plant and Succulent Space Divider in Black Planter 39.5inLx14inWx38inH
Agave and Succulent Space Divider with Black Planter 39.5inLx14inWx38inH
Aloe and Succulent Space Divider with Black Planter 39.5inLx14inWx38inH
Aloe and Money Plant in Tall Rustic Wood Planter 20inLx10inWx54inH
Money Plant and Succulents in Rustic Wood Planter 20inLx10inWx54inH
Agave and Aloe Succulent Mix in Rustic Wood Barrel Planter 14inDx48inH
Succulent Mix in Traditional English Urn 7.5inDx25inH
Echeveria and Money Plant in Rustic Wood Planter 7inLx7inWx20inH
Spotted Aloe Succulent Mix in Black Metal Planter 10.5inLx10.5inWx9inH
Kalanchoe Cactus Mix in Rustic White Wood Planter 10.5inLx10.5inWx33inH
Echeveria and Tillandsia Mix in Rustic Wood Planter 7inLx7inWx11inH
10in. Plastic Aloe Bush - Green|Indoor
6in. Wide Echeveria - Green|Indoor
12in. Aeonium Plant - Rust/Brown|Indoor
24in. Broad Leaf Agave in Weighted Base, Indoor Rated
13in. Agave Plant - Green|Indoor
7in. Fat Sedum Bush - Green|Indoor
13in. Succulent - Green|Indoor
17in. Succulent - Green|Indoor
5in. Potted Succulents - Green|Indoor
22in. Soft Touch Aloe Bush - Green|Indoor
12in. Barrel Cactus - Green|Indoor
2' Euphorbia Trigona - Green|Indoor
23in. Nat Touch Agave Plant - Green|Indoor
30in. Nat Touch Zamia Plant - Green|Indoor
22in. Star Succulent and Aloe - Green/Red|Indoor
24in. Urban Chic Planter with Artificial Aloe and Assorted Succulents
24in. Urban Chic Planter with Artificial Assorted Succulents
24in. Urban Chic Planter with Artificial Agave and Assorted Succulents
32in. Urban Chic Planter with Artificial Aloe and Assorted Succulents
4' or 7' Rain Tree
Price: $86.85
Snake Plant in Fiberglass Pot 5'
30in. Yucca Plant
Price: $148.85
23in. String of Pearls
22in. Hanging Succulent, Green
7.5in. Ice Plant Burgundy
5.5in. Finger Succulent, Gray/Green
9in. Dogtail Succulent - 2 Colors
5in. Echeveria, Green
6in. Echeveria, Green/Burgundy
6in. Echeveria, Green/Plum
9in. Echeveria, Green
8in. Large Echeveria, Green/Burgundy
8in. Large Echeveria, Sage
36in. Flowering Aloe, Orange
34in. Money Plant, Green/Burgundy
18in. Echeveria Light Powder 3 Heads
8in. Barrel Cactus
Price: $43.85
20in. Aster Succulent
16in. Set Of Three Agave Plant in Round Garden Vases
12in. Set Of Three Agave in Glass Dish
16in. Large Oval Wooden Bowl with Mix Of Aloe, Succulents and Grasses
5.5' Snake Grass in Square Metal Planter
12in. Star Succulent in Oval Ceramic Planter
Agave Plant in Ceramic Vase, 15 in.
Set Of Three Succulents in Oval Ceramic Planter, 9 in.
16in. Striped Agave in Oblong Metal Planter
7in. Echeveria and Aloe in Square Ceramic Planter
Agave Plant in Round Ceramic Planter with Ripples, 16 in.
12in. Star Succulent in Square Ceramic Planter
41in. Star Succulent in Round Basket Indoor/Outdoor
4.5' Snake Plant in Round Glossy Black Planter
3' Star Succulent in Glossy Black Bowl
Sanseveria in Tall White Contemporary Resin Vase, 60 in.
14in. Agave Plant
Price: $32.85
Striped Agave, Medium Spray
Star Agave Succulent, Medium Spray
Aloe Plant, Small Spray
Green/Burgundy Small Leafy Succulent, Small Spray
Green Echeveria Succulent/Cactus, Spray
12in. Jade Plant Succulent/Cactus Spray
Haworthia Obtusa Succulent/Cactus, Small Spray
Sedum Morganianum Succulent/Cactus, Small Spray
Aloe Aristata Succulent/Cactus, Small Spray
Green Sedum, Small Spray
7in. Green Echeveria
6in. Small Green Echeveria
39in. Giant Aeonium Plant
48in. Giant Agave Plant
4.5' Giant Sisal Agave
39in. Shallot Leaf
Price: $25.85
6.5' or 8' Pandanus Tree
2' Vriesea
Price: $128.85
Potted Agave Tree (2 Sizes, Colors)
3' or 4.5' Blue Agave Plant (2 Colors)
3' or 5' Potted Pineapple Yucca
24in. Aeonium Plant
Price: $64.85
36in. Agave Plant (2 Colors)
Agave Vilmoriniana 48in.
12' Australian Dracaena
Price: $2,540.85

Replicate the look of alluring arid plants with faux succulents and artificial cactus. Keeping pace with current trends in plantscaping, our high-quality silk versions convey the same charm as your favorite desert dwellers. From small fake succulent flowers to large artificial cactus arrangements.

Make a Modern Plantscape Statement

Look closely - artificial desert plants are gracing interiors more and more these days. Fake succulents and cacti can be found accenting retail stores, restaurants, hotel lobbies, office spaces and, of course, homes. Always offering up interesting shapes, textures and colors wherever they go.

Suited to Any Project Scale

At Artificial Plants Unlimited, our clientele for silk succulents and artificial cacti ranges from homeowners looking to add a couple of small terra cotta pots, all the way up to commercial clients in need of comprehensive faux plantscapes. As such, we offer beautiful artificial desert plant solutions to accommodate any project scale.

Purchase individual silk succulents online or call toll free to work with a project manager on custom design and ordering. In addition to artificial cactus and succulent plants, we also offer a host of other shrubs, flowers, vines and green plants. Mixing and matching is encouraged.

Artificial Succulents Keep Plantscapes Carefree

Whether you're a designer by trade or a DIY home decorator, artificial succulent plants are that rare occasion to satisfy plantscape desires in an effortless way. Varieties like echeveria, aloe, agave and barrel cactus can be utilized for small tabletop accents or combined to create dimensional silk succulent arrangements. And displays always look vivid and fresh without the need for live plant maintenance.

How To Get Started

First, take in all that our artificial succulent plants have to offer. Online customers will see everything from gentle flowering aloe to the spiky barrel cactus on our website. Whether trying to please a client or yourself, let our quality-grade silk plants help to get you on your way. Need containers with your order? No problem - our sister site Planters Unlimited has all the best options from modern fiberglass to rustic wood. Please call 888-320-0626.