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Artificial Tall Grass - Outdoor

Artificial tall grasses are an easy and practical way to spruce up window boxes, planter arrangements and any number of outdoor landscapes. Not to mention, they maintain their vitality regardless of whether the sun shines or the rain falls. Tall artificial grass from Hooks & Lattice is offered in barberry and ribbon grass styles. Whereas their living counterparts would require planting in specific climate control for survival, our fake tall grass brings life to your gardening in any region regardless of the weather.

Our collection of barberry and ribbon style artificial tall grasses are all outdoor rated with a built-in UV blocking chemical, so no additional sprays are required. Also, both varieties of tall artificial grass are tested for colorfastness according to ASTM G155-05 and shown to maintain their pigment, even in harsh environments. Check out the array of vibrant hues in each style, from organic looking greens to bold burgundy. Fake tall grass is sold un-potted by the individual stem, so you can choose the exact quantity your planting project requires.

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Trade discounts and custom sizes available

21in. Liriope Bush, Outdoor Rated
72in. Pampas Grass Cluster in Weighted Base, Outdoor Rated
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26in. Onion Grass Bush - Outdoor
18in. Mini Grass Bush - Outdoor
38in. Wetlands Papyrus Plant Spray - Outdoor
21" Outdoor Rated Artificial Curl Tip Grass Bush
60in. Green Fountain Grass, Outdoor
54in. Purple Fountain Grass, Outdoor
18in. Flowering Grass Bush - Outdoor
Artificial Barberry- Outdoor Rated
Artificial Ribbon Grass- Outdoor Rated
26in. Lush Grass - Outdoor Rated
48in. Savannah Grass - Outdoor Rated
Bring the native tall grasses of temperate and wetland environments to your gardening repertoire without all the climate concerns. Artificial tall grasses are an easy way to incorporate some extra pop into your window box, planter and even ground-cover arrangements. Hooks & Lattice brings you an assortment of tall artificial grass that not only look and feel authentic, but also hold up fantastically when exposed to the full gamut of elemental weather, from ultra-dry to consistently wet and rainy.

Available in two varieties, barberry and ribbon grass, our fake tall grass is an outdoor rated product which means you can expect the highest level of quality and longevity in exterior placements. To start, each unit of artificial tall grass is impregnated with UV blocking chemicals that shield against adverse effects of the sun such as fading and underwire weakening. In addition to UV protection, our tall artificial grass is also tested for colorfastness according to ASTM G155-05 and is shown to fully uphold coloration after one year of heavy weather exposure.

Both the barberry and ribbon grass varieties are sold un-potted and by the individual stem. Each stem starts with a solid underwire frame leading into individual branches, which are bendable to a desired spread or angle. Manipulate each piece of tall artificial grass individually to achieve the foliage density or shape that best compliments your arrangement. With highly affordable per-stem prices and the ability to tease branches into wide-spread configurations, you won't have to break the bank for a full, dramatic look.

On top of their authentic appearance and moldable structure, our fake tall grass can also be inserted into most common planting materials like soil, gravel, sand or plaster of Paris. Place grass stems intermittently among flowering annuals or feature them center stage with a collection of multiple stems for a patch of vibrant, wispy greenery. Whatever your project, you'll find the stems and branches of artificial tall grasses are easy to work with and open up a world of maintenance-free options for lovely, and lively, arrangements in your garden or home.

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