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Artificial Cone Topiaries - Indoor

Artificial cone topiaries are ideal for decorating interior, even exterior sheltered spaces. Cones have become quite popular of late because they can be used in a wide variety of ways. Use them individually to create an interesting and dramatic focal point, or combine several of them to create a natural-looking barrier or framework for covered walkways. You can even create effective boundaries with them, blocking off space in expansive spaces such as hotel ballrooms or conference centers. Made from powder-coated iron and high-quality foliage materials, our artificial topiary is easy to maintain too. Simply dust or spray regularly with a light mist and wipe off leaf surfaces to keep your boxwood cone topiary looking like new wherever you use it. Buy cone topiaries to complete an indoor garden or protected patio. Or use them to decorate a large open space such as an atrium or building entrance to bring the look of the outside indoors.

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48inH Cone Topiary, Indoor
60inH Cone Topiary, Indoor
72inH Cone Topiary, Indoor

The Towering (above the rest) Boxwood Cone Topiary

While not as big as a redwood, they could be. Our boxwood cone topiaries come in three standard sizes but that doesn't mean we couldn't make one as big as you like it. Known for our customization of all things related to artificial plants, no cone topiary is too small or too large for us to create. Using the same superior quality faux plant material, we will thickly cover each strong powder coated iron cage to make the most completely packed topiary available on the market today. Effectively fire retardant, each cone topiary meets any local safety requirements. Plus, the rich, green material remains intact, providing season after season, year after year of vivid green, unlike live topiaries. It's just one of the several reasons customers buy cone topiaries from us.

Perfect for decorating large spaces as either a focal point or to create borders and barriers separating large ballrooms in hotels or conference centers, each artificial topiary is easy to move due to its light weight. Plus, they are easy to maintain. Simply spray with a light mist and wipe off with a damp cloth to keep foliage clean and shiny. While designed for indoor use, they can also be used effectively outdoors in sheltered areas, just outside a building entrance or positioned in covered walkways. Whether your artificial topiary is used indoors or covered outside, they are cared for in the same way and protected as effectively.

Besides being fire retardant, the sturdy iron skeleton is also safeguarded. Covered with a reliable powder coating, the frame will resist moisture and doesn't rust or degrade like unprotected iron does, thereby ensuring years of use for your boxwood cone topiary. Cone topiaries can be used as a free-standing tree or anchored in a fiberglass or PVC planter, increasing their attractive factor. Add casters and make them even more portable if you need to arrange several topiaries for trade shows or to change boundaries in restaurants or large ballrooms.

Looking to buy cone topiaries smaller or larger than our standard sizes? Call our customization department today to speak with one of our specialists. No project is too large or small for us.