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Outdoor Artificial Cylinder Topiaries

When designing your exterior landscaping with architectural plants, cylinder topiaries make a unique statement if you want something different. Available in several sizes from four to six feet, topiary plants lend themselves nicely to clustering in staggered sizes to create a lovely array. Each frame is built with rugged powder coated iron before we apply sturdy foliage material that is thick, green, and lush. This makes them strong but also looking beautiful for years. Simply spray with a light hose to mist away dust and loose debris that may accumulate over time and your outdoor artificial topiaries will continue looking as green and clean as the first day you installed them. Whether you are completing a patio or putting the finishing touches on the entryway of a hotel or office building, outdoor artificial topiaries are a great way to add greenery that looks robust and full while being low maintenance in the process.

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48inH Boxwood Cylinder Pillar Topiary, Outdoor
60inH Boxwood Cylinder Pillar Topiary, Outdoor
72inH Boxwood Cylinder Pillar Topiary, Outdoor

Having Fun With Outdoor Topiary Plants

Conventional topiary plants make for stunning displays in front of office buildings, restaurants, hotels, even estate homes. Yet, you can have a whole lot of fun creating unusual arrays with outdoor artificial topiaries incorporating cylinder shapes as part of your display. Build numbers, scatter conventional architectural plants amongst cylinders, add distinctive floral arrangements as accents--why, you are only limited by your imagination and creativity. Plus, our skilled customer service experts can make customized shapes and letters to create distinctive signage for high traffic areas.

Available in standard sizes up to seventy-two inches tall or more, we can make smaller or larger topiaries to meet your design needs. Place anywhere outdoors for the desired landscaping affect your wish to create. Each cylinder or specialty shaped topiary is made with lush boxwood material. Topiary plants are protected with fire retardant material and also UV treated to prevent discoloration or fading from the sun. Frames are constructed using a strong yet lightweight iron skeleton that is powder coated to protect them from rust or degradation. The finest architectural plant material available is then applied by hand to create a thick bed of greenery that will last for years.

These three-dimensional cylinders and other creative topiary shapes are perfect for adding a whimsical touch for city entrances, malls, open spaces in front of office complexes, even the exterior of private homes or apartment buildings. Zoos can also get in on the act by customizing animal shapes, using outdoor artificial topiaries to announce animal exhibits. And without having to water them, they are essentially maintenance free, lasting season after season for passersby to enjoy, adding to the pleasure of visits.

What's more, with the UV protection and solid powder-coated iron construction, faux topiary plants won't fade or come apart like lesser architectural plants often do. With the prospect of years of wear, you'll be saving on maintenance costs you'd otherwise incur when live topiary plants are purchased. For information on how our customization department can help you create your next project with outdoor artificial topiaries, click or give us a call. Our expert staff is standing by to answer your questions.