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Artificial Topiary Pillars

Dress up retail displays with artificial plant columns made of preserved moss. This modern spin on traditional indoor topiary yields fake plants with a go anywhere, do anything attitude. Whether displaying artificial topiary pillars as creative plant stands or incorporating columns into retail displays, increased visual impact is a sure thing.

Indoor topiary pillars are made using sustainably farmed, preserved Sphagnum moss. To give artificial plant columns their geometric shape, preserved moss is woven onto a sturdy iron grid. This framework can be constructed in a range of sizes and shapes and remains hidden beneath fake plants when displayed.

Set up preserved moss columns in any modern design space including boutique offices, restaurants, cafes, retail stores, spas and salons. Looking for a custom topiary form or size? Artificial Plants Unlimited also works on built-to-spec projects by request.

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2'H Real Moss Topiary Pillar/Cylinder
3'H Real Moss Topiary Pillar/Cylinder
4'H Real Moss Topiary Pillar/Cylinder
5'H Real Moss Topiary Pillar/Cylinder
6'H Real Moss Topiary Pillar/Cylinder
7'H Real Moss Topiary Pillar/Cylinder
48inH Boxwood Cylinder Pillar Topiary, Indoor
60inH Boxwood Cylinder Pillar Topiary, Indoor
72inH Boxwood Cylinder Pillar Topiary, Indoor
6' Boxwood Column Topiary
Topiary Pillars

Add modern plant accents to commercial design with preserved moss columns. Our pillars are no ordinary fake plants. This contemporary take on indoor topiary goes above and beyond - sure to give interior design an instant refresh and pop of "green" personality.

Eco-Chic Retail Displays

With eco-friendly elements hotter than ever in commercial design, artificial plant columns are right in sync with client wish lists. Our pillars utilize Sphagnum moss that is preserved and woven onto sturdy iron grids. The metal framework lends displays their silhouette, allowing us to turn shapeless mosses into sophisticated cylinders. It also lends durability to artificial plant columns so they hold up well over time.

All in all, we like to think of preserved moss pillars as a modernized indoor topiary. Here's some of our favorite applications ideas:

In retail stores the rough texture of Sphagnum moss creates focal points and backdrops that are undeniably stylish. Picture all the looks of the season underlined by pops of dimensional green. Even use moss columns as a means of showcasing particular items, like a pair of designer shoes or a piece of statement jewelry.

In boutique offices artificial plant columns serve as an interesting way to break up space, create vertical accents and spruce up client reception areas. With fake plants this charismatic, designers can set a professional stage to reinforce the fresh, innovative face of any business.

In spas and salons the unfailing trend is nothing if not organic. Preserved moss columns fit right into the natural, healthful experience. Sustainable materials mean eco-friendly design, and the ruggedness of Sphagnum gives your healthy living mantra a modern nod.

Custom Faux Plant Columns Just a Phone Call Away

At Artificial Plants Unlimited our standard is to make a variety of products available to our customers online. However, we understand that designers, project planners and commercial property owners have specs to keep in mind. For this reason, most all of our products are available to be customized for made to order fake plant perfection.