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Artificial Topiary Trees - Indoor

Uniquely designed topiary artificial trees are inspired by a worldly horticultural art form. Featured here for indoor use, each assortment captures lively elegance for home or commercial spaces. These elements are ideal to grace sitting and reception areas, or guest suites at an upscale resort.

Each plant in our product line stays true to its live counterpart visually, with beauty that also goes beyond the eye. For indoors, fake trees offer a no-maintenance method of bringing outdoor effects to interior applications. No trimming, watering or light requirements. Our online customers choose from various leaf and trunk options, each with a different live muse inspired by diverse regions around the globe.

Priced to order and shipped un-potted, additional residential and commercial planters are available for separate purchase.

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3' Artificial Olive Tree Topiary - Indoor
4.5' Artificial Olive Topiary Tree - Indoor
6' Artificial Olive Tree Topiary - Indoor
5.5' Azalea Leaf Cone Topiary Tree - Indoor
5.5' Artificial Azalea Leaf Topiary Tree - Indoor
6' Double Sakaki Topiary Tree - Indoor
7' Artificial Laurel Cone Topiary Tree - Indoor
6' Artificial Laurel Topiary Tree - Indoor
3' Mountain Ash Topiary Tree - Indoor
3' Lycopodium Shrub Topiary - Indoor
Price: $195.85
6 Designs
3' Artificial Single Ficus Topiary - Indoor
3' Artificial Double Ficus Topiary
3.5' Artificial Double Ficus Topiary Tree
5' Triple Ficus Topiary Tree - Indoor
4.5' Podocarpus Bonsai Topiary Tree
Mixed Pine Cone Ball Topiary in. Clay Pot 3'
5.5' Ruscus Topiary in Square Metal Planter
Four Layer Zen Grass Topiary 6'
Round Shape Myrtle In Tin Pot 4'
5' Hemisphere Umbrella Boxwood Topiary Tree - Outdoor
21in., 33in. Or 39in. Boxwood Cube Tree
7' Boxwood Tower Tree
Price: $490.85
Cone Ball Fir In Tin Pot (2 Sizes)
5' Cone Ball Italian Cypress In Tin Pot
Sweet Bay Cone Topiary In Pot (2 Sizes)

Artificial topiary trees from Artificial Plants Unlimited are stunning indoor faux trees. At home or in commercial spaces, add a lively addition, sophisticated personality and impeccable taste. No need to master the art of watering or pruning. Indeed, these trees keep their striking shape indefinitely without gardening shears.

Featured online, this collection includes decorative trees inspired by diverse regions all around the world. For a hint of Napa Valley charm, choose one of our olive tree styles. Or, choose a style modeled after Eastern tradition with a Bonsai-like version. Whichever design speaks to your project aesthetic, a pleasing level of authenticity is found in each live plant replica.

Perhaps their best feature is an ability to grant anyone the enjoyment of this ancient horticultural art form. Whereas topiary artists work for years to hone their skills, these are elegant alternatives are immediately available via easy, secure online order. It's as simple as choosing a style. All faux topiaries are commercial grade products ready for stunning interior display in an office, retail space, or a private residence where owners expect a high level of quality.

Topiary styles include lifelike imitations of species like azalea, laurel, ficus, ivy and Bonsai trees. Each price reflects a plant-only purchase, with the option to add a planter at additional cost. All units are shipped un-potted.