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36" Window Box Recipe for Mixed Bougainvillea - Peach/Pink/Cream

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Each Bougainvillea Vine is 36"H x 16"W
Each Gardenia Bush is 19"H x 10"W
Each Barberry Shrub is 23"H x 8"W

Get gorgeous container arrangements year-round with fake flowers for window boxes. By creating pre-populated designs or "recipes" Hooks & Lattice offers our customers a readymade solution. This arrangement of multi-colored faux bougainvillea, white gardenia and burgundy barberry shrub is ideal for a 36" window box. Just add your favorite floral foam or plaster of Paris to the equation for an instant, low-maintenance curb appeal boost.

Each order includes a total of 8 UV-rated plants and flowers for exterior window boxes:

  • 3 each of bougainvillea vines and gardenia bushes
  • 2 barberry shrubs with dimensional burgundy/brown color

Have a different faux plant arrangement in mind? We offer a range of other artificial greenery and flowers online and can take custom orders by request. Please call toll free.

Delight your guests, passersby, and yourself with the beauty of artificial vines and outdoor artificial flowers. Despite what you may have heard - faux flowers and greenery for your backyard or walkway is more common than you would think. Instead of spending the time digging through mulch and hoping for rain or a bit of sunshine, you can hang these beautiful vines and flowers around your home for a dose of greenery that is guaranteed to liven up your outdoor space. This particular set of artificial vines measure a whopping 3-feet in length, making them easy to spread around and through a lattice fence. Or you can "plant" these beauties in a traditional box to adorn your windowsill.

Each Bougainvillea Vine is 36"H x 16"W
Each Gardenia Bush is 19"H x 10"W
Each Barberry Shrub is 23"H x 8"W
(3) 36in Hanging Bougainvillea Vine - Peach/Pink/Cream (3) 19in Gardenia - White (2) 23in Barberry Shrub - Burgundy/Brown

Window Box

Bougainvillea Vine 36"

Gardenia 19"

Barberry Shrub 23"

Size Quantity Quantity Quantity
24" 2 2 1
30" 2 2 1
36" 3 3 2
42" 3 4 2
48" 3 4 2
54" 4 4 3
60" 5 5 4
72" 5 5 4