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42" Window Box Recipe for Mixed Bougainvillea - Peach/Pink/Cream

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Each Bougainvillea Vine is 36"H x 16"W
Each Gardenia Bush is 19"H x 10"W
Each Barberry Shrub is 23"H x 8"W

Seeking out easy care window box flowers? Nothing is simpler than faux botanicals. Ideal for upper level planters, over and under-exposed areas, or other hard-to-grow locations, this lovely arrangement does not disappoint. Hooks and Lattice has created the ideal recipe for 42" window boxes - all you have to do is set it up in a favorite outdoor floral foam. DIY artificial arrangements come with:

  • 4 faux gardenia plants measuring 19"
  • 2 faux barberry shrubs measuring 23"
  • 3 faux bougainvillea vines measuring 36"

The color palette includes window box flowers in combinations of cream, peach, pink and white and deep green foliage colors in addition to the rich browns and burgundies of barberry. All plants are outdoor-rated and UV protected for lasting use in an exterior planter box.

Liven up your backyard, walkway, or windowsills with window box flowers in vivid colors and vibrant, realistic blooms. You can have the result of growing bougainvillea in containers without the hassle of actually digging, mulching, watering, and waiting. Instead, "plant" these beautiful blossoms and lengthy vines in one of our many window boxes to have flowers that last far longer than the average summer-only blooms. This particular bunch of window box flowers features 3 entwining vines in pink, peach, and cream - as well as 2 barberry shrubs and 4 lovely gardenias. And the entirety of these flowery clusters have been finished with a dusting of UV-protection for resistance to the fading powers of summertime sunshine.

Each Bougainvillea Vine is 36"H x 16"W
Each Gardenia Bush is 19"H x 10"W
Each Barberry Shrub is 23"H x 8"W
(3) 36in Hanging Bougainvillea Vine - Peach/Pink/Cream (4) 19in Gardenia - White (2) 23in Barberry Shrub - Burgundy/Brown

Window Box

Bougainvillea Vine 36"

Gardenia 19"

Barberry Shrub 23"

Size Quantity Quantity Quantity
24" 2 2 1
30" 2 2 1
36" 3 3 2
42" 3 4 2
48" 3 4 2
54" 4 4 3
60" 5 5 4
72" 5 5 4