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Artificial Geraniums - Outdoor Rated

Artificial geraniums from Artificial Plants Unlimited are a convenient, no-maintenance alternative to live planting for one of gardening's best loved flowering plants. All the highlights of this ever-popular choice are captured in our artificial geranium bushes, from the cleft leaves to the brilliant bloom clusters. Enjoy them up close on a patio planter or capitalize on convenience by placing fake geraniums in hard to water areas like second floor window boxes. Whatever their function, our artificial outdoor geraniums add a pleasing pop to exteriors.

On top of their aesthetic value in boosting curb appeal, our artificial geranium bushes are durable. As an outdoor rated product, these plants are assembled with climate in mind. Built in UV protection makes our artificial geraniums inherently resistant to fading, and customers like the MGM Hotel in Las Vegas have discovered the resilient coloration of our fake geraniums makes them look anything but faux. Available in three bloom hues - white, pink and red - brighten your exterior with an infusion of life and color, minus the upkeep.

Artificial geraniums are sold and shipped as individual, un-potted units.

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26in. Outdoor Artificial Geraniums - White
26in. Outdoor Artificial Geraniums - Red
26in. Outdoor Artificial Geraniums - Pink
17in. Artificial Geranium Bush - Wine Red
17in. Artificial Geranium Bush - Pink/Beauty
16in. Outdoor Artificial Geranium Bush - Red
14in. Outdoor Artificial Geranium Bush - Red
14in. Outdoor Artificial Geranium Bush - Cream
14in. Artificial Geranium Bush, Outdoor Rated - Pink
21" Outdoor Artificial Geranium Bush
16in. Outdoor Artificial Geranium Bush - White
16in. Outdoor Artificial Geranium Bush - Pink
Artificial geranium bushes from Artificial Plants Unlimited are a lovely way to cultivate the landscape appeal of this well-loved flowering plant without the upkeep. A native of temperate and eastern-Mediterranean regions the geranium is among the most recognizable choices in modern landscape and gardening. To ensure the plant's authentic features are captured, our artificial outdoor geraniums are assembled to mirror the live version. From the broad circular leaves to the radially symmetrical flower petals, these fake geraniums look anything but phony.

In addition to boosting your curb appeal, our customers have also discovered the value of no-maintenance artificial geranium bushes when it comes to cutting down on expenditure of time and resources. Particularly in hard to reach areas that make watering difficult, like an upper level window box or a high-up hanging plant, the convenience of artificial geraniums as an alternative to live planting is obvious. In addition, hassles like pruning crippled leaves or late night rescues from unexpected frost become obsolete with a fake geranium.

At Hooks & Lattice, our collection of outdoor rated artificial geranium bushes are constructed from high quality, durable and authentic looking materials. These fake plants also have UV protection built in to combat fading caused by the sun's rays. Although some color change is inevitable over time, any visible alteration in pigment is delayed over an extended period. Our customers will choose from brilliant hues that mimic the live version, like white, pink and red. Also in keeping with Mother Nature, our artificial outdoor geraniums are comprised of blooming clusters combined with buds to imitate the natural flowering cycle of the plant. Each item is sold by the individual stem, and measures 26" in height, with 67 leaves, 5 flowers and 4 buds.

All artificial geranium bushes are sold and shipped un-potted, but if you don't have the perfect planter waiting at home you can always order from our collection. Recommended selections are featured in each individual product description to whet your appetite for ideas, like the fiberglass woven bamboo square planter which makes a great accent to any deck or patio. Don't see what you need in our list of suggestions? No problem - one of our knowledgeable customer service representatives can assist you in choosing the right pot, planter or windowbox perfectly suited to convenient "planting" of purchased artificial outdoor geraniums!

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