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Bahama Exterior Shutters

Known as both Bermuda and Bahama Shutters, this exterior window treatment was originally designed to benefit homes in warm, tropical climates. Today, Bahama style shutters are still prevalent in coastal areas and states bordering the Gulf of Mexico and Southern Atlantic . Wherever a home can benefit from controlling levels of sunlight while allowing a natural breeze to flow through, Bermuda shutter panels are an asset to both architecture and interior temperature control.

True to Caribbean style, Bahamas shutter hardware kits allow cool breezes and soft diffused light to pass through with minimal obstruction of your view. With this coverage, Bahama style shutters also offer privacy, comfort and protection from direct sunlight that can damage and fade floors, furniture, and draperies. Bahama hardware arms angle the exterior shutters away from the window, allowing occupants to see out, but creates a privacy screen blocking out prying eyes.

Hooks and Lattice, manufacturer and supplier of shutters and hardware, is proud to team up with Atlantic Premium Shutters to deliver an architectural fiberglass window decoration that is guaranteed for life - and be sure to ask about storm-rated or hurricane shutters. Aluminum Bahama shutters are always in high demand due to their lightweight properties and our customers love that it's impossible for aluminum to rust.

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Fiberglass Bahama Shutters
Aluminum Bahama Shutters

Bahama style shutters began as a strictly practical design and have since evolved into a simultaneously decorative icon. For anyone who lives or has vacationed in tropical climates, Bahama or Bermuda Shutters will stand out as a staple of Caribbean architecture in warm-weather climates. Bahama shutters possess a talent for keeping out the unwanted elements of weather while letting all the desirable and beautiful ones in. No wonder people love them!

Who benefits from Bahama Shutters?

Although originated in areas like the Caribbean, Bahama Shutters are now in use nationwide. Particularly useful in coastal, temperate, and tropical climates, Bahama style shutters screen out rain, hot sunlight and block the vision of those passing by while patrons luxuriate in the privacy, calming breezes and sun protection that these Caribbean louvered shutters create. Boutique hotels, spa destinations and private residences all reap the benefits of Bahama shutter style window panels.

Bermuda shutters allow homeowners to manipulate the influx of direct light and wind, thereby creating a soft filtered light and gentle breezes. Choose fiberglass shutters for marine-grade construction, or go with our aluminum shutters - powder coated for the utmost protection throughout all seasons. Yes, including hurricane season! Along busy streets, traffic can be made to feel muted and distant. Bahama style shutters are versatile in a range of locales, regions and climates. This fact contributes to their widespread use in neighborhoods stretching from Los Angeles across to Miami, Chicago all the way to the beautiful Carolinas. A range of homes can find benefit from the added control of ventilation, light and privacy. And let's not forget, they look amazing!

Aluminum and Fiberglass Bahama Shutters are featured in this online category, with products supplied by quality manufacturers. Atlantic Premium generates all fiberglass styles, with extensive width and height combinations available in an array of color options; custom color matching available. To create the authentic look of Caribbean outdoor beach shutters, charming pastels add to that uniquely tropical vibe.

I'm ready to order - tell me how!

Beach house shutters are easy to order online at Hooks and Lattice. Simply click on individual product categories to find an appropriate width and, from there, options for height, thickness and color will appear through drop-down menus. Price will vary by overall size. Custom orders may be available by request for measurements not featured online. Exterior Bahama shutter hardware online ships with all shutter panels sold here. For special requests or if you do not need hardware included please let us know, we may be able to find you a better price.

For homeowners and architects purchasing Bahama Shutters in locales that fall within hurricane-prone regions, storm-rated shutters may be requested. These Bermuda Shutters can be made to satisfy any and all building codes in particular cities and counties (Ex: Dade County, FL approved).

Please note: Some shutter types are made to order and considered "non-returnable". Please see our Return Policy section to read about each specific product prior to ordering.