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Examples of Balcony Privacy Screens

Love thy neighbor and thyself by adding outdoor privacy screens in the form of a lifelike artificial privacy hedge. Sometimes we all need a little blockage and artificial privacy hedges are a lovely, green alternative. These examples of deck and balcony privacy screen projects showcase a few of our past creations including residential and commercial applications.

A balcony privacy screen can create a peaceful retreat, but the role of outdoor privacy screens is also to block out undesirable views. Power lines, nearby construction, an unsightly fence and other visual obstacles are easily overcome by the beautiful artificial greenery of a deck privacy screen. Most of the products pictured here were custom built outdoor privacy screens made from artificial boxwood. Faux ivy is also available for use in artificial privacy hedges. Mats and hedges can be purchased online in various sizes and custom orders can be called in for a one-on-one consultation and price quote.

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Join the throngs of designers, architects and project planners who have discovered the beauty and functionality of outdoor privacy screens from Planters Unlimited. Adding greenery to outdoor spaces is always a welcome enhancement, made even better by the no-maintenance nature of an artificial privacy hedge. Infuse a lifelike vibe without the hassle of live plant care, and simultaneously overcome design challenges such as too-close neighbors or unsightly infrastructure that borders your property. To demonstrate the possibilities of our artificial hedge screens, we've put together these photographed examples of how our customers utilize faux privacy hedges in practical design applications.

Whatever your project goals, these balcony and deck privacy screen examples show our ability to meet different challenges. A need to increase balcony or patio privacy is a common objective among purchasers of artificial hedge screens and rightfully so, as privacy hedges prove an ideal solution to enclosing spaces in a manner that won't infringe on anyone's right to enjoy beautiful outdoor space. Rather, the natural appeal of a balcony privacy screen made from faux greenery makes a welcome addition to any exterior.

Another popular use an artificial privacy hedge is to block undesirable views of city infrastructure like power lines and electrical boxes. Free your outdoor oasis from unwanted obstructions using outdoor privacy screens as a shield. By creating peaceful enclosures that block out distractions, you'll optimize the beauty of your space while simultaneously upping balcony or patio privacy.

Planters Unlimited outdoor privacy screens are constructed from outdoor rated materials with UV protection impregnated into each artificial plant during assemblage. This process makes your balcony privacy screen inherently fade resistant. We offer popular ivy and boxwood styles in a range of standard sizes or with the option to customize so our customers can enjoy an artificial privacy hedge perfectly suited to their project requirements. Take the first steps toward optimal balcony or patio privacy and start getting the most out of your exterior spaces by browsing our selection of artificial hedge screens today!

Products demonstrated on this page were custom-made and are not for sale. Please call for details on a similar design.