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Ball Finial Banner Bracket Coated with Brass ArmoreCoat Finish

For attractive banner pole brackets that extend from one or both sides of a post, the Ball Finial Banner Bracket coated with a brass ArmoreCoat finish is a strong choice. Designed to pull signage taut from a top and bottom mount, these banner poles are made from commercial grade, outdoor rated materials that make an impeccable display.

Each banner bracket is made from steel that is given a polished brass ArmoreCoat finish. In this type of finish, banner poles will actually patina naturally over time, and for those projects that could benefit from an already worn in look Sign Bracket Store also offers the option to order banner pole brackets with a patina already on them. In addition to the brass pictured here, aluminum and copper finishes are also available.

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One-Way Ball Finial Banner Bracket Set- ArmoreCoat Brass
Two-Way Ball Finial Banner Bracket Set- ArmoreCoat Brass
A banner bracket should pull signage to a desired tension and also enhance the look of your property, and the Ball Finial Banner Pole Brackets coated with a brass ArmoreCoat finish do just that. These eye-catching banner poles feature a top and bottom arm for mounting to posts, and each has a decorative ball finial at its end for a nice finishing touch to your sign display.

Available to order as one- or two-way banner poles, customers can choose the banner bracket configuration best suited to their project. For signage that only needs to mount from one side of a post, as in city and municipality parkways where a display lines up over sidewalks, banner pole brackets in the one-way configuration are sufficient. Otherwise, where messaging requires a double mount per post, banner pole brackets in a two-way design help to keep displays neat and clear with both sides pulled equally taut.

Steel banner poles with an ArmoreCoat finish have some perks that the usual banner bracket does not. Our first priority is to begin with quality, commercial grade materials, which is why these banner pole brackets are forged from quality steel from the mounting plate right down to the decorative ball finial. On top of the tough frame, the aesthetic appeal of this banner bracket style is also considered. This is where the ArmoreCoat finish comes in. Banner poles are given a pleasing brass ArmoreCoat that is polished and will naturally develop a patina over time, much like solid brass. In addition, ArmoreCoat finishes are also available in copper and aluminum upon request. If you want a charming, careworn look right off the bat, banner poles can be ordered with a patina already acquired.

While ArmoreCoat is appealing to many banner bracket seekers because of its ability to patina and age, others prefer a finish that will remain polished. In these cases, a clearcoat can be added to banner poles in order to halt the patina and keep that newly polished sheen. For options that are not featured online, Sign Bracket Store is proud to offer custom order service via phone. Please call toll free to discuss your custom banner bracket project today: 1-888-919-7446 (M-F, 7am-5pm PST)