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Iron Banner Brackets With Scroll Artwork

Position banner signage right where you need it with wall and lamp post brackets. This decorative scroll design is ideal for building, boulevard and avenue banners featured by hospitals, shopping centers, cities and college campuses. Display signage along exterior walls or install light pole brackets to take advantage of great visibility along walkways and boulevards.

Beyond most basic sign brackets for boulevard banners, this sophisticated scroll design adds an upscale feel. At event centers, advertise upcoming attractions with vivid graphics and corresponding dates. And along a city parkway or small town Main Street, lamp post brackets displaying banners help to mark a particular area along with different seasons, local festivals and more. When it comes to versatility, adding building, avenue and boulevard banners helps to keep signage simple, affordable and easy to refresh as messaging needs evolve.

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One-Way Banner Bracket Set With Scroll Artwork
Two-Way Banner Bracket Set with Scroll Artwork
Lamp Post Banner Bracket Set w/ Scroll Artwork - 18in. Hanging Basket and Coco Liner Included
Decorative Scroll Banner Bracket Wall Mount with Ball Finials

Now, enjoy heavy duty, decorative sign brackets for all your building, avenue and boulevard banners. Adding durable wall mount and light pole brackets doesn't have to mean boring metal bars. This sophisticated design takes the functionality of commercial banner brackets and adds the allure of elegant ironwork. The result is a winner for any project, from neighborhood avenue banners to shopping mall parking lots.

Mix and Match Design

At Sign Bracket Store, we offer standard wall, steel pole and lamp post bracket assemblies that can be adjusted to fit most any application. Banner brackets can also be custom manufactured to fit non-standard project specs. We work on heavy duty outdoor hangers for boulevard banners, event centers, college and professional campuses, shopping malls, museums, hospitals and more.

For Lamp Post Brackets

Orders include standard plated bolts, nuts and lock washers that can be installed quickly using one open end wrench. With this clamping style, light pole brackets are made easy to adjust as needed. Just zip the provided cable tie through the grommet on your banner, snip, and the job's complete.

Banner brackets exist for every type of pole including square, round and octagon shapes. For standard light pole brackets, base plates and arm assemblies are easily mixed-and-matched to form single or double sets.

Superior Outdoor Performance

Whether purchasing for sign company supply or working on a specific commercial project, banner brackets prove an invaluable product. Along buildings, parkways and avenues, banners are the most popular type of signage to advertise, notify and promote. This makes strong outdoor performance is a must.

Both wall mount and lamp post brackets are rigid in the wind, reducing destructive non-uniform distribution of wind force to the banner seams. Banners on our rigid brackets hang evenly, resist tearing, and last longer. Plus signage is prevented from shifting or sliding off the arm by a black nylon zip tie threaded through a loop on the bracket and the grommet in your banner. This ensures a secured fit that appears uniform without the need for unsightly strings or wires. Plus, every banner bracket arm is sealed with a black polymer end cap for extra protection against the elements on top of a polished look.

Quality Finishes

All wall, pole and post banner brackets are epoxy powder coated for a superior look and durability. Looking for a custom color? Please call toll free to ask about color matching and other non-standard finish options.

Need Really Big Sign Brackets?

Call toll free to see about custom giant and oversized banner brackets. For sign company supply, ask about bulk ordering available to those working in the trade.