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Barn Lights, Barn Sconces & Barn Style Lighting

Farmhouse and Barn Lighting like you see here originally provided a light source for industrial warehouses, indoors and out. Developed in the 1930's, this classic light shade is wide-brimmed and often paired with a curved gooseneck arm. In contemporary lighting design, barn style lighting fixtures come in various shapes and sizes with arm extension and shade combinations inspired by timeless design.

Sign Bracket Store's lighting products include heavy-duty fixtures that illuminate walkways and business signage. Barn style lighting shades come in three different sizes (12", 16" and 18") and over 25 brilliant finish options, for versatile matching and accenting.

Each of our exterior Barn Sconces is also suitable for interior applications. Decorate a dining area or brighten a hallway with stylish fixtures spaced a few feet apart. Use rustic barn light fixtures to add  charming vintage style to bars, retail displays, cafés, lobbies and more.

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12" Barn Light Shade Gooseneck Lighting
17  Arm Extensions & Pricing Click Here
16" Medium Barn Lights
16  Arm Extensions & Pricing Click Here
18" Large Barn Light
16  Arm Extensions & Pricing Click Here

A quintessential piece of Americana design, these fixtures are popular for use in rustic restaurants and local attractions. In fact, exterior wall lights were illuminating dark nights nationwide long before this design became an asset to contemporary design. Representative of authentic American-made lighting, each of these commercial fixtures is inspired by a timeless silhouette and manufactured in California.

As trends recycled, the vintage shade design became a prime candidate for reentering contemporary culture. Beginning with restorations of antique barn lights, this shade was reborn and took on new residential and commercial applications, both outside and inside. However, with a limited supply of truly vintage fixtures and the at times drastic expense of restoration, producing cost efficient replications of barn gooseneck fixtures became a new industry.

Today, commercial establishments all over North America feature barn style lighting fixtures, some refurbished and others replicated. Where a restored vintage light no longer fits the design aesthetic or functional requirements, or where cost is too high, replicated barn gooseneck fixtures make a delightful alternative. The Sign Bracket Store produces indoor and outdoor lights that honor the tradition in a contemporary way. Our rustic lighting fixtures can be found all across the country on Main Street storefronts, urban eateries and in private homes. In addition, industrial sconce lighting seems to have more of a distressed-modern vibe for some designers, project planners and do-it-yourselfers. That's why these classically inspired fixtures can be found mounted above fireplaces, as accent lights for artwork or even as creative bedroom lights.

The Sign Bracket Store is a domestic supplier of business lighting and offers a broad array of standard and custom barn style lighting in more than two dozen fresh color combinations. To weather protect, fixtures are powder coated from base plate to shade. These reproduction lights are a stylish and popular design choice for businesses because of their vintage appeal and durability - the same qualities that make them impeccable for interiors as well. Globes, cages and other accessories for these fixtures are also available for separate purchase.

These commercial light fixtures can be built to accommodate standard incandescent bulbs, halide lighting or other high intensity discharge lamps for energy efficiency. Integral or remote ballast options are also available for most bulb and shade configurations (other than incandescent which is self-ballasted).

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