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Cedar Half Wine Barrel Planter

The aptly named Half Wine Barrel Planters are modeled after vessels that typically encase aging wine and spirits. As such, each cedar barrel planter evokes the rustic feel of a Tuscan wine cellar right on your front porch, deck or patio. Fill with favorite flowers and greenery for a truly vibrant outdoor accent.

Half wine and whiskey barrel planters are a popular style, no doubt in part to their warm and festive character. Gardeners find that the universal appeal of a wooden container is here met with a charming Northern White cedar barrel planter design for an all-around alluring look. Double metal bands around each container make for strong, reinforced construction into which plants and soil can be placed directly. Also, Half Wine Barrel Planters are offered in diameters of 18"" or 24"" to fit varying project needs. Northern White cedar is naturally rot and pest resistant and planter tubs come with a 5-year warranty. Finish options include natural, hunter green, ash grey and light brown.

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18" Cedar Round Half Wine Barrel Planter
24" Cedar Round Half Wine Barrel Planter
For a cedar barrel planter with spirited style, look no further than this online collection - brought to you by Hooks and Lattice. These half wine and whiskey barrel planters are inspired by the centuries-old tradition of aging wine and spirits in wooden vessels. And it is to this practice that our Half Wine Barrel Planters owe both their design inspiration and name.

As outdoor containers, the Half Wine Barrel Planters embody a combination of durability and style. Owing to their construction out of Northern White cedar, each cedar barrel planter is naturally resistant to rot, insects and pests. This wood is also known for its inherent brilliant color and texture making it easy to apply in its natural state, although the container can also be purchased in differing finishes like ash grey, light brown and hunter green.

Wooden wine and whisky barrel planters are at home in a range of exterior settings, including outside traditional and contemporary homes. Indeed, this style has a timeless appeal that speaks to most any design aesthetic. On a modern terrace, a cedar wood barrel planter can put urban outdoor space in touch with sophisticated elements of tradition. And on the front porch of a rural home, Half Wine Wooden Barrel Planters add a pleasing rustic touch to container gardening.

Available online in two sizes, customers can choose from 18" and 24" diameter dimensions, each measuring 14"" in height. Wine and whiskey barrel planters are made from Northern White cedar that is given double metal banding around the container's outside. This detail not only reinforces strength, but also gives each cedar barrel planter a pleasing visual aesthetic. Keep planters in their natural cedar wood finish, or order in light brown, hunter green or ash grey.

This product is inherently resistant to rotting and other decay, and carries a 5-year warranty. For outdoor gardening atop hardscape surfaces, whisky barrel planters made from Northern White cedar are a smart way to get a natural wooden look without a lot of maintenance. If cared for properly, each wooden cedar barrel planter will last for many gardening seasons to come. Insert soil and plants directly, or utilize a liner for added protection.