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Glendon 20in. Tapered Square Planter - Rust

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20" x 20.3"H
Base: 12"

A Different Type of Container Garden

Why settle for the same old uninspired square wooden container garden bed when you can add a touch of modern sophistication to your outside décor with decorative outdoor pots and garden planters? While the basic wooden rectangle is a traditional and functional option, our Glendon tapered square planters take your container gardening experience up a notch on the style scale. With a generous 13.25-gallon capacity and 20" square opening, you can create the same garden display you would have in that boring wooden box with twice the visual appeal. These attractive modern pots can even replace your outdated small tree planters.

Tough Resin Outdoor Pots

Unlike traditional wooden container garden planters, our Glendon square outdoor pots are made from a heavy duty resin material that will outlast any number of environmental factors. Unlike wood or ceramic, these resin flower planters are incredibly lightweight, even though they are large in size. So if you decide to reposition your container garden next year, moving this large planter is a cinch (try doing that with a wooden raised bed!). These eye-catching tapered planters are weather resistant in any type of climate, including humid, sunny, and wet locations. They will not crack or warp and will not fade from their brown Rust color in direct sunlight.

Attractive Small Tree Planters

For both residential and commercial applications, our Glendon square tapered planter pots are a lovely option for planting small ornamental or fruit-bearing trees and bushes. With a modern tapered silhouette and subtle texture, they are the perfect compliment for those vertically growing plantings both indoors and outdoors. Add manicured evergreen trees and bushes to your outdoor décor as an attractive way to flank doorways and driveways. Grow a mini fruit orchard right on your patio or sunroom in chic style. Indoor tropical palms also look fantastic in these elegant planters.

20" x 20.3"H
Base: 12"