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For a vanity light bar or wall sconce that radiates unique bathroom lighting style, Hooks and Lattice is delighted to offer this collection of ceramic bathroom fixtures. These one of a kind creations were born of the clay-centric minds at Fabby, a company noted for its home lighting made from bisque fired white earthenware clay.

Ceramic bathroom fixtures in this creamy white finish combine the beauty of bisque fired clay with the functionality of contemporary lighting. From a vanity light bar with whimsical cutouts, to a more traditional solid fixture, each piece of unique bathroom lighting appeals to a different taste. And while fixture styles are diverse, they each display designs that result from great attention to detail.

Unique bathroom lighting by Fabby is available to order online through our easy and secure website. All orders are packaged and ship with care to ensure ceramic bathroom fixtures arrive ready for display in your washroom, guest bath, or master suite.

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18.5"  Ceramic Shelf Vanity Light w/ Up and Down Lighting
23.5"  Bathroom Light w/ Symmetrical Shape Pattern
18.5" Southwestern Diamonds Vanity Light
18.5" Sloping Vanity Light w/ Geometric Pattern
23.5" Modern Lines Ceramic Vanity Light
23.5" Contemporary Cut Out Bathroom Light Sconce
23.5" Abstract Etchings Contemporary Vanity Light
23.5" Divine Dragonfly Bathroom Light
23.5" Sheer Pattern Ceramic Vanity Light
21" Roman Crown Ceramic Vanity Light
21" Starry Stencil Children's Bathroom Light
21" Starfish & Seashells Ceramic Vanity Light
13.5" Roman Garland Classic Vanity Light
13.5" Simple Squares Sloped Vanity Light
23.5" Ceramic Vanity Light w/ Sprig Pattern
22.75" Contemporary Vanity Light w/ Sleek Squares
22.75" Banner Vanity Light w/ Rippled Edges
23.5" Contemporary Chic Bathroom Light w/ Cut Out Border
23.5" Dazzling Diamonds Ceramic Bathroom Light
18.5" Contemporary Bathroom Light w/ Small Squares
18.5" Leafy Vine Ceramic Bathroom Light
24.5" Classic Column Ceramic Vanity Light
27.5" Ceramic Steps Bathroom Light
23.5" Rough Around the Edges Contemporary Vanity Light
22.75" Banner Bathroom Light w/ Rippled Edges
22.75" Rippled Edge Bathroom Light w/ Square Pattern
23.5" Fleur-de-lis Classic Vanity Light
23.5" Pinecone & Needle Ceramic Vanity Light
23.5" Floral Bouquet Vanity Light
23.5" Floundering Fish Ceramic Vanity Light
23.5" Island Star Gazing Children's Bathroom Light
23.5" A-Maize-Ing Ceramic Vanity Light
27.5" Modern Bathroom Light w/ Border Pattern
27.5" Bathroom Bar Light w/ Small Square Cut Outs
27.5" Contemporary Diamond Pattern Bathroom Light
27.5" Rectangular Bathroom Light  w/ Dragonfly Motif
27.5" Rectangular Bathroom Light w/ Fish Figures
18.5" Ceramic Vanity Light w/ Geometric Grill
23.5" Ticker Tape Motif Vanity Light
23.5" Illuminated Orb Ceramic Vanity Light
23.5"Doodle Pattern Ceramic Bathroom Light
23.5" Hieroglyphic Pattern Vanity Light
23.5" Glittering Garland Ceramic Vanity Light
23.5" Chic Squares Contemporary Bathroom Light
23.5" Contemporary Pattern Ceramic Bathroom Light
Ceramic bathroom fixtures make a lovely addition as a his and hers vanity light bar, above a vessel sink in your main floor washroom, or as a children's bathroom fixture. And with unique bathroom lighting in traditional and contemporary styles, in addition to designs with themed cutouts, this product assortment addresses a range of design preferences.

For interior designers or DIY renovators, vanity light bar fixtures made from bisque fired clay present a new take on an old design challenge: how to incorporate unique bathroom lighting that still gets the job done. Designed by Fabby, all ceramic bathroom fixtures featured above are derived from white earthenware clay that has been bisque fired to achieve the trademark milky white finish. Through this process, although a perfected technique for design and casting is utilized, each vanity light bar reaches its final state as a fully unique fixture. No two lights go through the bisque firing process and come out exactly alike, due to slight imperfections (the good kind) in the material.

Ceramic bathroom wall fixtures are a creative alternative to the usual vanity light bar, globes and recessed lighting. Fabby designs achieve function and visual appeal in the form of one, brilliant fixture. In the case of vanity use, fixtures are typically fitted with both up and down directional lighting to ensure enough brightness for practical use. Also, unique bathroom lighting styles with cutouts allows for light to spill out in other directions as well, adding to the overall reach of illumination.

While most customers enjoy the natural bisque fired finish of ceramic bathroom wall lights, many also inquire as to whether they are paintable. To the color lover's delight, ceramic bathroom fixtures are indeed able to be tinted with a quality acrylic or latex based paint. In fact, each vanity light bar takes paint application quite well, just as a kiln-fired ceramic pot would.

In addition to unique bathroom lighting styles, Hooks and Lattice also features Fabby sconces and other fixtures for adult and youth bedrooms, hallways, living rooms, and also home theatre lighting. Ceiling and pendant lights in ceramic designs are also available.