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Bay Leaf Plant 3.5in.

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A Touch of Mediterranean Elegance

With incredible botanical realness, the only thing missing from this artificial Bay leaf tree is that distinctive spicy bay smell. And with such a stunning array of texture and color to delight your senses, you won't even miss it. These attractive fake Bay trees for home and commercial use are a sure way to dress up any boring indoor space. Artificial plants offer you a unique way to add some aesthetic value to your home that is a welcome change from the norm. Adding artificial shrubs to your entryway or reception area is a sure way to guarantee customers and friends won't forget your décor.

Flowering Artificial Bay Tree

The Bay tree, also called Bay Laurel, has long been valued for its evergreen foliage that is simple yet striking with its glossy green color. Native to the Mediterranean region, these plants can be a hassle to try to cultivate in your own home. However, our faux Bay trees are a breeze to care for. In fact, you won't have to care for them at all! Just a few sweeps with the feather duster every once in a while is all it take to keep this evergreen tree in immaculate form. Our Bay leaf plant features a profusion of pure white flowers to accent the deep green foliage. In different stages of bloom, these flowers further accent this artificial plant's botanical precision.

Large Bay Trees for Screening

All it takes to make this attractive artificial Bay tree a standout focal point is your favorite decorative planter pot. This fake evergreen has a sturdy "trunk" that is easy to install in soil or rocks inside any shape of planter. These dense decorative trees can be used to create privacy screening or space dividers that still allow air and light to filter through. The also look stunning when lining hallways or walkways.