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4.5' Bay Leaf Ball Topiary - Indoor

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Outdoor Artificial Flowers are shipped Un-Potted.

With an elegant timeless appeal topiaries have graced royal lawns, botanical gardens, and upscale home landscapes for years. A true horticultural art form, creating topiaries can take hours of labor and dedicated patience to precisely train and trim live shrubs into the perfect form. Topiaries add a sophisticated touch to your interior décor, but who has the time? With our artificial topiary tree you won't ever have to worry about time and maintenance. We provide you with a perfectly shaped bay leaf tree that is ready to display, all you have to do is provide the pot.

This single ball bay leaf topiary provides you all the luxurious appeal of a live evergreen shrub, but without any of the headache. We spared no attention to detail in creating these lifelike indoor trees using only the highest quality faux materials. From the gracefully woven trunk to the perfectly coiffed lush foliage to the waxy green leaf tips, this artificial bay tree resembles a living and growing plant. And the best part is that you will never have to spend time watering, fertilizing, trimming or otherwise tending to these faux trees. For years to come they are guaranteed to look as lovely as the day you "planted" them.

Artificial topiaries are a stunning accent to your interior décor, lending an upscale charm to your home or business. With its eye-catching form and verdant appeal, this ball topiary stands well on its own as a single accent tree. Install it in a planter best match your interior décor. These chic trees are well suited to decorative pots and antique urns that compliment their elegance. Add Spanish moss or mulch to complete the look. In our online shop we offer a wide variety of planters to match your indoor design scheme.