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Freeform Bespoke Living Wall Shapes - Indoor

Bring the beauty of lush greenery to your indoor space with our freeform living wall shapes. These personalized works of art have all the breathtaking elegance of real evergreen foliage without the hassle of caring for live plants. For these freeform shapes we employ artificial boxwood, an evergreen shrub best known for its dense foliage, perfect for trimming into virtually any design. This faux boxwood has all the look and feel of the real thing, but you'll never have to worry about watering, feeding, or trimming.

Our Bespoke living wall shapes are mounted on a powder coated iron backing that is capable of making the basic bends and turns necessary to create nearly any shape imaginable. Animals, geometric shapes, logos, letters, numbers, and flowers are just a few examples.These three-dimensional forms are great for:

  • Corporate logos for reception areas
  • Trademarks for hotel lobbies
  • Mascots for college campuses
  • Family initials for artriums
  • Decorative shapes for event rental companies

When ordering, please send us a brief description of the shape and size you want. One of our customer service representatives will then call to work with you on creating the perfect living wall for your space.

Call with questions or to order Bespoke Green Walls:
7am - 5pm PST, M-F

Freeform Bespoke Living Wall Shape 72inL x 60inH, Indoor
Freeform Bespoke Living Wall Shape 116inL x 56inH, Indoor
Freeform Bespoke Living Wall Shape 240inL x 180inH, Indoor

The Inside Scoop: Freeform Bespoke Living Wall Shapes

Freeform Bespoke green walls add the color of lush green to plain white or beige walls indoors. They look attractive behind reception desks, along indoor corridor walls, behind speaker podiums and much more. Create the look of elegant plant life without the expense of pruning and watering. Plus, your artificial plant wall Bespoke shape can be part of your larger custom living walls design, complimenting paintings, framed photography, candle holders, and statues. They are a great way to promote your logo or corporate brand front and center. Plus, while available in three standard sizes for length and height, we can custom size your wall shape to any size you require.

Extra Thick Boxwood Tiles Form Extra Special Green Walls

The artificial foliage used in each freeform living wall shape is manufactured using rich, densely-filled boxwood. It remains a slightly alternating green to provide added texture and depth, without fading or breakdown. The thick foliage is then mounted on a tough powder-coated iron that is malleable enough to form into the shape you need yet strong enough to last for years.  What's more, without the added expense of maintenance, you'll be able to increase your branding presence in several key foot traffic areas to keep a consistent message.

But branding isn't the only purpose these attractive Bespoke living wall shapes can be used for. The flexible iron can be configured in a wide variety of shapes, not to mention, sizes. Many businesses by constructing letters to build message walls, whether to direct foot traffic or identify conference rooms, and the like. Or, they make great tools to announce special events, or can be used as Greek letters to identify fraternities and sororities on college campuses, even for family initials or crests.

Shapes, Sizes and Your Satisfaction

Available in three basic stock sizes ranging from under 100 inch length and height to over 200 inches, we also can make letters and shapes almost any size you need for your special project or to project your corporate brand. Any of our expert staff will help you design the freeform Bespoke living wall shape that is right for you.