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Freeform Bespoke Living Wall Shapes - Outdoor

Whether on a corporate building or a private acreage, living walls draw the eye of passersby and make a property more memorable. While live shrubberies can take years to cultivate and require constant maintenance, our Freeform Bespoke Living Wall Shapes offer all the beauty of real boxwood without any of the hassle. These artificial works of art are sure to last for years and years in even the harshest of climates. With its dense, realistic foliage, your freeform shape can be the focal point of your garden, blending seamlessly with the live plants.

Mounted on a powder coated iron backing that won't rust or warp, these living walls can bend and turn to form nearly any design imaginable. From geometric shapes to animal shapes, letters to logos, anything is possible.Just a few of the possibilities with our living walls are:

  • Logos for corporate headquarters
  • Mascots for college and high school lawns
  • Emblems for private gardens
  • Event promotion and signage for venues
  • Decorative pieces for receptions and trade shows
  • Site accents for commercial projects

To order your freeform shape, send us a brief description of your desired shape and size. Our representative will give you a call to determine the best scale for your intended design. Together we will make your living wall dream a reality!

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Freeform Bespoke Living Wall Shape 72inL x 60inH, Outdoor
Freeform Bespoke Living Wall Shape 116inL x 56inH, Outdoor
Freeform Bespoke Living Wall Shape 240inL x 180inH, Outdoor

Going Green With Freeform Bespoke Wall Shapes

Add some greenery to your walls with Freeform Bespoke Living Wall Shapes made with faux foliage. Since artificial living walls have become so popular, an additional design technique that complements your custom green wall logo is to decorate an opposing wall with a freeform shape of your own design. They can even be installed outside without compromising discoloration or breakdown. Manufactured using richly colored, dense faux boxwood material mounted on sturdy powder coated iron, the artificial plants material maintains its bold green color, lasting for many years even in the harshest climates.

Durable and Everlasting - No Water Needed!

Because each form is made using artificial durable boxwood, they never need watering, retain the same vibrant green color, while adding texture to walls where none existed. Green walls enliven your space with dimension as well as color, bringing the look of the outdoors, inside. Ideal in a corporate setting, estate, retail establishment, public building, or even a private home, artificial living walls made from faux foliage enhance corporate branding too. Add logos, mascots, create signage, provide directional information for foot traffic, the list is endless. Create a custom green wall that represents the exact public image you want to portray. Freeform Bespoke shapes made using artificial plants require no upkeep and last for years.

Unlimited Possibilities with Custom Green Walls

Sizes and shapes vary, with standard sizes beginning less than 100 inches in length and height up to over 200 inches in length and 100 in height. Since customize size and shape is our specialty, we love to work with you to create whatever form and dimensions, length and height that reflect your company best. From geometrics to animals to letters, any shape or size is possible. This is due, in part, to the flexibility of the iron mesh we use, which lets you create shapes as unusual as a giant giraffe outside the zoo enclosure to simple lettering announcing a sales event. Plus, with the powder coated iron back, all faux boxwood material looks vibrant, lush, and authentic without all the pruning, watering or upkeep that comes with maintaining live plants.

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