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Queen Belaire 44" Planter

The Queen Belaire 44 inch outdoor garden planters offer a massive amount of space for whatever you want to plant in them. These oversized plant pots are perfect for wispy grasses, small shrubs and trees, even all manner of vivid floral arrangements. What's more, if you are looking for large outdoor planters cheap, you have definitely come to the right place since the Queen Belaire series is quite budget-friendly. Made with durable resin plastics, the Belaire outdoor pots for sale come with a 10 year limited warranty from the manufacturer ensuring a high quality product. They won't crack or split, fade or break down, providing years of service for your garden or business.

The Queen Belaire large planters are also relatively lightweight considering their whopping 44-inch size. The planter mouth offers loads of planting space while the 34 inch depth provides extended room for root systems. The planter base of a little over 28" diameter effectively anchors these big flower pots to ensure stable positioning for the Queen Belaire. Add additional sizes to these massive beauties for a cohesive design statement. This 44 inch planter is available in weathered terra cotta and caviar black, with smaller sizes offered in stunning complementary colors. For additional information about the Belaire collection, please call 800-896-0978 today to speak with a customer specialist.

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Queen Belaire 44in. Planter - Rust
Queen Belaire 44in. Planter - Weathered Concrete
Queen Belaire 44in. Planter - Weathered Stone
Queen Belaire 44in. Planter - Weathered Terra Cotta
Queen Belaire 44in. Planter - Caviar Black

Queen Belaire Oversized Plant Pots

The Queen Belaire 44 inch oversized plant pots convey the look and grandeur of elegant outdoor garden planters without all the weight. Made from durable plastic resin composites, they are designed to mimic clay or commercial stone planters but at a fraction of the weight and price. Complete with an attractive rolled lip top like many clay pot designs, these large planters sport a rolled double lip around the midsection, before finishing off the base with a protruded accent trim. All this styling provides the perfect vessel to showcase whatever you plant inside. And with this much elegance they can be incorporated in commercial settings as easily as in your own backyard. For large outdoor planters cheap, they make a budget-busting addition in an locale.

Big Flower Pots Play Off Small Pots

Designing your garden space that incorporates a variety of container sizes is easily accomplished with the Belaire collection. Beginning with the Queen Belaire 44 inch planter, we have many other outdoor pots for sale in the same style, all designed to mimic the look and heft of clay. The 44 inch Queen Belaire comes in two colors - caviar black and weathered terra cotta, while most other sizes are offered in a number of other colors. Additional sizes range from rust to weathered concrete to wasabi and beyond, ideal for complementing one another. With the Queen Belaire's ample space perfect for small shrubs and trees, you can create a tiered effect to boost your environment's aesthetic appeal. The smallest Belaire pot has a petite 12 inch rim, perfect for pansies, petunias and small blossoms. Middle sized pots range from 20 inch to 27 inch pots, perfect for wispy grasses, succulents or larger flowered foliage. Set several pots of various sizes in an otherwise bare spot of the garden. Or position three planters in stair step fashion along a corridor or to line a patio.

Outdoor Garden Planters Built to Last

These large planter pots manufactured with high grade plastics are built to survive all manner of weather and still look great. They endure rapid temperature fluctuations without cracking, splitting or fading. They are so enduring, the Belaire collection is backed up with a 10 year limited warranty by the manufacturer. From frigid temperatures in winter to the coastal hot and humid climates of the south and west, these plastic pots continue to look beautiful for years and years. For additional information about the Queen Belaire or other sizes, please call 800-896-0978 today to speak with a design specialist.