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6.5' Birch Branches in Square Metal Planter

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Modern Alternative to Potted Plants

Break away from the design trend of old fashioned potted plants and experiment with something new and unique with our modern arrangement of birch branches in a square metal planter. This strikingly un-floral arrangement is an attractive way to dress up contemporary living or retail spaces. It still gives you that sought-after natural element in your space but is a far cry from your average potted palm or dried floral arrangement. Arriving at your doorstep in an attractive square tapered planter this bunch of birch branches is all ready to display in your home, office reception room, restaurant waiting area, lounge, or any other modern-inspired space.

Natural Appeal with Decorative Branches

With our decorative birch branches you get a decorative element for your contemporary design space that will never wither or die away. Unlike living plants, these handsome birch branches are permanently set in a state of quiet beauty. On closer inspection you will see that the branches are covered with tiny buds just waiting to bloom. This birch arrangement conveys a sense of new life and the perseverance of nature that can be quite uplifting to the spirits. It is truly stunning in its stark simplicity.

Functional Vertical Arrangements in Planters

Our birch branches are hand arranged to replicate nature at its finest. With this birch arrangement you get the sense that you are skimming through the treetops or wandering in a wintertime forest. Standing over six feet tall, these birch planters have a definite vertical appeal to them, leading the eye upward. The versatile tapered square metal planter- in a subtle gray-black color- works well with any type of décor or color scheme. Not purely decorative elements, these large arrangements can be used functionally to divide up large living spaces or to create semi-screening. When grouped together these planters can line hallways or walkways to give a natural forest appeal.