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7' Bird nest Palm in Square Wooden Planter

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An Instant Decorative Upgrade

An eye-catching addition to your indoor décor, this spunky bird nest palm is sure to add an uplifting air of the tropics. One of the most unique of the decorative palm trees this delightful tropical tree displays bunches of wavy green leaves at the tips of beautifully twisting trunks. Since it is an artificial palm you can feel perfectly at ease "planting" this tall beauty anywhere in your indoor space. It doesn't care about light or water, a refreshing alternative to live plants! Dress up those dark and uninspired corners of the living room or office with a burst of charming palm splendor.

Unique Decorative Palm Trees

The bird nest palm tree doesn't get its name because winged creatures like to build their homes in it but rather because of the appearance of its long, slender leaves. Arranged in a radial pattern from a central point, these leaf clusters resemble a bird's nest when viewed from the top. The leaves have a wavy crinkled look that gives them high textural appeal. Just like a live palm, our fake bird nest palm fronds depict light green veins at the center of glossy deep green leaves, the perfect picture of botanical realism! The superior authenticity continues on in the organically twisting trunks in mottled brown tones.

Contemporary Two-Tone Wooden Planter

To complete the organically elegant look of this palm we've included a two-tone square wooden planter. This wooden planter highlights modern beauty in its geometric simplicity with an unmistakable note of rustic appeal. This tall decorative palm tree comes to you all ready to display! Artificial ornamental trees are the perfect way to add a quick decorative upgrade to your space that will last for many years without any upkeep. Unlike live trees that require constant maintenance, this fake palm will lend a sense of spirit-lifting natural joy to your indoor space without any work on your part.