36in. Regalia Decora Window Box with Black Galvanized Liner

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Planters for Every Location
You've seen outdoor planters before, but you're in for a treat with this iron rail planter. It not only comes ready to mount to your window sill as most conventional planters, but it's also able to be placed along railings or even walls and fences. All you need is the right hardware, and your new planter will fit right into place. That means you're not limited by the amount of yard you own, or even whether you have one at all, since these boxes can be enjoyed even on an upper level patio or balcony. Plus, they're highly stylish and provide a stunning update for any home's décor. Scrolls, curls, and slender lines provide an elegant feel, while the black finish and coordinating black liner create a streamlined appearance that is fitting for classic as well as more modern styles. Update the look by choosing from additional liner colors and materials, or by choosing one of our alternates.

Durability Through the Seasons
To ensure every customer gets their money's worth, our planters are handmade and designed to last. Each one is crafted by skilled artisans who take great pride in their attention to detail and focus on both design and precision. Additionally, they're made from wrought iron, which is a material already well-regarded for its high levels of durability and strength. Each of these flower boxes for railings is then powder coated, as is the internal liner, to ensure maximum weather resistance. Because color is baked into the metal itself, there is less risk of fading, peeling, and rusting, even when used in harsher climates.

Convenience Meets Style
Although our flower boxes for railings are highly attractive, they're also made with your convenience in mind. The interior liners make planting quicker and easier than with comparable items. The soil and plants can be added directly. Once planted, all you have to do is lift the liner into place. This also allows you to move flowers into sunnier locations when needed, or take them indoors during storms or surprise frosts. Accessories may also be added to make your life easier, such as the internal reservoir.

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Length 36"
Height 7.5"
Mounting Type Mounting Strip
Liner Black
Color Black
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