48in. Regalia Decora Window Box with Black Galvanized Liner

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Gardening without Limitations
We've taken away the limitations you'd usually encounter when trying to create your own garden. Normally you'd expect to require lots of yard space, bulky planters, and a natural green thumb. Not so with our planter boxes for windows and deck railings. With our coordinating hardware, they go just about anywhere you need them to, allowing those who have no yard to enjoy the perks of beautiful flowers and even fresh edibles. Mount outside the window to grow kitchen herbs available at any time. Or, place this fence planter on fences, walls, or along balcony railings. Even if you live on an upper story or in a small condo, you'll find somewhere this planter can accommodate. Even better, it's stylish to boot, so you'll be updating your home's aesthetic appeal while enjoying your very own garden.

Ease of Use Comes Standard
Unlike many other planter boxes for windows and deck railings, these are simple to use even if you don't have much gardening experience. For starters, they come with a liner already included, which makes planting faster and simpler. Add the flowers and soil into the liner, then simply set it in the cage. Liners can also be easily removed to keep flowers safe during harsh weather conditions and during an early spring frost. Each liner has holes drilled into the bottom, allowing excess water to pass through to prevent root rot and other issues common with over-watering or heavy rain. Want to make things even easier? Add a self-watering system and allow plants to accept moisture as it's needed through a natural wicking action, without running the risk of over watering.

Weather Protection A Cut Above the Rest
As if convenience and style weren't enough, these planter boxes are made to last. Because they're handmade, a higher level of attention is paid to each item that is produced to ensure above average quality control. Additionally, the iron construction is made to hold up in outdoor conditions, even when supporting the weight of heavier arrangements. The cage and liner are both powder coated as well, offering a greater degree of weather protection from rust, corrosion, and fading.

More Information
Length 48"
Height 7.5"
Mounting Type Mounting Strip
Liner Black
Color Black
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