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60in. Galvanized Window Box- Black Tone

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Top Exterior: 60"L x 8"W x 7 1/2"H
Bottom: 57"L x 5"W

Are you looking to compete for the best decorated home on the block? Our 60" Black-Tone Galvanized Window Box will help you reach your goal! The box has been powder-coated to ensure that the color will last for years to come, making it superior to a box that has simply been painted. In addition to the powder-coat, these window boxes are also galvanized, making them more resistant to rust and deterioration. Whether you are looking for a standalone window box or a liner for an existing window box, this liner will be perfect for you. This product comes with drainage holes so that your plants will not experience root rot. If you are concerned with making sure that your plants are receiving the right amount of water, you may be interested in our 21.5" tapered reservoirs (Item # WW-TAP-21). You will need (2) 21.5" tapered reservoirs for a 60" window box to ensure that the entire box is being properly moistened. The reservoirs come with a PVC fill tube, which you use to fill the reservoirs with approximately 1 gallon of water. As needed, the roots will wick up the water from the reservoir and minimize the number of times that you need to water your plants. Depending on your location and the plants, you can go up to two weeks without watering! If you plan to mount this window box to a wall, you will need to use a pair of brackets. Our 8" Window Box Shelf Brackets (Item # A4-SFB02) are designed to hold these boxes perfectly. The brackets are designed with a small lip at the front to prevent the window boxes from falling forward. You will need two pairs of these brackets to fully support the length and weight of this window box. If you will be mounting this box from a deck or railing, we also have several brackets that may work for you. If you need assistance picking the best brackets for your deck or railing, contact our customer service department with the material, width, and thickness of your railing and we will advise you as to which brackets will best fit your needs. Measuring in at 60"L x 8"W x 7 1/2"H, this box will be able to hold plenty of beautiful flowers! If you love the color and style of this window box, but the measurements do not quite work for you, we are able to customize the length, width, and/or height. Simply call our customer service department at 800-896-0978 and request a free estimate.

Top Exterior: 60"L x 8"W x 7 1/2"H
Bottom: 57"L x 5"W