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3' or 4.5' Blue Agave Plant (2 Colors)

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3', 4.5'

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Handcrafted Fake Indoor Plants

Who says you need a dry, sunny climate to "grow" your own delightfully tropical Blue Agave plants? You can get that same Southwestern aesthetic with faux indoor plants thanks to our incredibly realistic artificial agave plants. And the best part is that you don't need any sun or water at all. These fake Agave will thrive for years no matter where you "plant" them. Featuring row upon row of spiky vivid green or purple leaves on a highly textural trunk, you can get the feel of real living, growing Agave plants right in your living room, office, or restaurant dining room.

Customize Your Artificial Agave Plant

What could be better than a realistic artificial agave plant? How about the option to choose your own agave from a selection of sizes and colors? We know that each interior space is unique, with different space constraints, color schemes, and decorative styles. With this tall faux agave we let you choose from two popular sizes and lifelike colors so that you can meet your design needs. This beautiful Blue Agave plant is available in your choice of vibrant green or deep purple. Also choose the standard 3' or a taller 4.5' option at checkout. In fact, with four different styles, why not create your own indoor Agave forest? These tall faux indoor plants can create a stunning display as privacy screening.

Faux Indoor Plants Enhance Décor

Our faux Blue Agave plant comes to you unpotted and all ready to be installed in your favorite planters. Some planters that go beautifully with these tall tropical trees include those with textual sand finishes in natural hues, which can be found in our online selection. Tall artificial plants like the Agave are a wonderful way to add vertical interest to your space. These handcrafted trees lead the eye upward with sleek, spear-shaped leaves reaching for the sky. Even a single artificial Agave plant in an empty corner can do wonders to change your décor! Minimalism at its best.

3', 4.5'