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Italian Villa Bowl Shaped Planters

Italian Villa Fiberglass Planters

The Italian Villa Bowl design offers a timeless, majestic, classical shape reminiscent of the antique hand-sculpted urns and pots from Rome, Tuscany, or Florence. Use these planters to beautify a veranda, upgrade a showroom, or appeal to passersby in front of a boutique or cafe. Add greenery and color to stairways and foyers or decorate a waiting room, lobby, or gallery. Place an Italian Villa Bowl atop the capstone of a wall or gated entrance, or flank a doorstep or storefront window with a matching pair. Choose from among nearly a dozen different sizes in various convenient heights. Then select the right hue from a broad spectrum of lovely colors to complete the look and ambience.

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Italian Villa Bowl Planter 24in.Dia. x 12in.H
Italian Villa Bowl Planter 36in.Dia. x 12in.H
Italian Villa Bowl Planter 36in.Dia. x 18in.H
Italian Villa Bowl Planter 42in.Dia. x 18in.H
Italian Villa Bowl Planter 48in.Dia. x 18in.H
Italian Villa Bowl Planter 48in.Dia. x 24in.H
Italian Villa Bowl Planter 60in.Dia. x 18in.H
Italian Villa Bowl Planter 72in.Dia. x 18in.H
Italian Villa Bowl Planter 72in.Dia. x 24in.H
Italian Villa BowlThe Italian Villa Bowl is influenced by classic styles that have been around for ages and have consistently added stately charm and elegance to European gardens and villas. But we updated it with a top quality commercial grade fiberglass, to make it even more adaptable for today's professional landscaper, property manager, or decorator.

The Italian Villa Bowl offers a flexible balance of both diameter and height, making it an easy choice for a wide range of needs - both inside and out. To make it even more versatile we offer it in a full menu of colors - from vibrant and energetic to quietly subdued tones - and in lots of sizes to suit all sorts of layout specifications, decorative schemes, and architectural features. You can even pick your preference of finishes and textures. And if you need a highly customized version we are happy to work with you to make yours a one-of-a-kind interpretation of this beautiful commercial planter design.

The Italian Villa Bowl boasts a shape and profile that has proven itself for generations as one of the most aesthetically pleasing and practically functional styles of planters. So choosing this planter leaves nothing to chance while ensuring satisfaction and reliable performance. To build upon its stellar reputation we have also taken steps to make it more durable and also amazingly affordable. The Italian Villa Bowl will withstand season upon season of scorching heat or crackling cold without splintering, splitting, leaking, or rotting. Because it is scuff and fade resistant it will hold its distinctive character, color, and appeal for years and continue to please, whether it is inside an upscale shopping center or outside a beachfront cabana. Take it high into the mountains to display flowers at the entrance to a bed and breakfast inn, or move it down to the shore to decorate a marina or oyster bar. Even plant cactus in it and use it at a desert golf club or Nevada casino. You'll see for yourself why others specify it by name for their own projects and praise it for its rugged integrity and delightful good looks.