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Fire Retardant Artificial Obelisk Topiaries

If you want to add greenery to your landscaping or interior decor but need something that is safe for use in a variety of situations, faux topiaries are the ideal solution. Crafted with a powder coated frame and covered with the best foliage materials available, these artificial obelisk faux plants complete the look of a lawn or patio by bringing it inside since they can also be used as decoration for conference centers, lobbies, retails shops or malls. Our fire retardant topiaries come in a variety of sizes and can also be built to suit your particular needs or preferences. Each spear topiary can be used in areas where other foliage might pose a risk yet due to their protective coating, our fire retardant topiaries are safer to use. Sturdy enough to stand alone, by adding a fiberglass or PVC planter as anchor, their attractiveness is only increased. Available in three standard sizes or custom craft to your exact size and specification requirements.

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48inH Obelisk Topiary, Fire Retardant
60inH Obelisk Topiary, Fire Retardant
72inH Obelisk Topiary, Fire Retardant

Faux Topiaries: The Obelisk At Its Finest

Crafted from the finest faux plant material available on the market today, our spear topiary makes quite a statement. Its obelisk shape draws the viewer's eye upward, creating a dramatic effect. Set any of our faux topiaries in your atrium or building entrance and enhance your decor. All of our fire retardant topiaries are made using bold green foliage, making them perfect additions to any ambiance, even one that receives partial sun. They are constructed using a rich, dense bed of faux plants material that is affixed to a sturdy iron skeleton by hand. This attention to detail allows each covered cage to look just as thick and green as the day you set it on display.

What's more, the powder coating that covers our strong iron mesh prevents rusting or degradation, outlasting all kinds of other structures. And because of the richness of the boxwood material, each obelisk looks lifelike yet doesn't need any of the upkeep that live plants require. No watering, pruning, or dropping leaves, eliminating costs because they are essentially maintenance free.

Besides their beauty, obelisk faux topiaries are functional. They can be used as a focal point or as partitions; create a centerpiece around one tall pillar or mix with living plants and trees to create height and increase dimension. Buy multiple obelisk topiaries to create borders or boundaries, which are particularly effective in separating seating areas found in restaurants, waiting rooms, airports, and the like.

They can be moved easily due to their light weight yet sturdy enough to remain in place. Yet, by anchoring them in fiberglass or PVC planters, their attractiveness factor multiplies. Plus, when adding casters, they become even more portable if your business uses them in trade shows or requires movable boundaries that fluctuate periodically.

Available in three standards sizes, we can create whatever size you need, going smaller or larger. Just call our customization department today to inquire how we can help with your next special project. And shapes are negotiable too. No project is too large or small.