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6' Boxwood Column Topiary

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Elegant Indoor Artificial Boxwood Topiary

Nothing draws eyes in an artificially lit interior space like some brilliant fresh greenery. The scenery inside shopping malls, hotels, and airports can get quite stuffy and industrial, but artificial topiary plants come to the rescue to give you a spirit-lifting sense of the natural world. Our tall column-shaped topiary plants are just the thing for adding a vibrant organic ambiance to those indoor areas while also dramatically boosting the décor. Not just decorative pieces, our large topiary plants are also a functional dream. They can be used in a number of ways to meet your site furnishing needs.

The Ease of Artificial Shrubs

Our artificial boxwood topiary trees allow you to skip all the gardening maintenance so that you can spend more time paying attention to all the details of keeping your design project in top order. With these fake boxwood topiaries you never have to worry about hiring a battalion of gardeners to keep the plants looking their best. While live boxwoods are perfect for creating a sculpted look, who has the time to keep them in that perfectly rectangular shape? Fake topiaries are the perfect decorative element for indoor spaces that do not receive natural light; and they'll never need water.

Decorating with Column-Shaped Topiary Plants

These tall topiary trees lead the eye upward, giving an interesting sense of visual interest to an otherwise one-level decorative scheme. This dense foliage comes in a variety of green hues to perfectly imitate real growing plant life. Since these fake boxwood topiaries are so delightfully thick, they make for effective natural privacy screening. Place them around dining or other intimate areas to block unwanted viewers- and unwanted views. These tall topiaries can also be used in open corridors to direct foot traffic. Each plant comes with a sturdy metal base that can be easily installed in your favorite planter.