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Ornamental Boxwood Topiary Balls - Outdoor

Add upscale definition to landscapes using Plush Boxwood Topiary Balls. The sharp, geometric look of these outdoor artificial plants lends engaging symmetry to gardens, patios and entryways. And ornamental spheres are also an attractive piece of temporary decor, as in accents for a garden party or outdoor wedding reception.

Each of the outdoor artificial plants featured here is constructed out of quality-grade polyethylene. This caliber of faux boxwood displays well in high-end commercial and residential settings, and topiary balls are suited to a range of applications. Ornamental spheres are stunning when suspended from decorative chain, perched atop a romantic urn planter, or rolled out onto the lawn to create chic, contemporary patterns. And the UV-protected foliage will never brown in the sun.

"Ornamental" Boxwood Topiary Balls feature a fuller design than other topiary ball styles. For a low-maintenance exterior enhancement, this is a premier faux plant alternative. And for matching planters, ask about our fiberglass, composite and wood containers.

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6in. Ornamental Boxwood Topiary Ball - Outdoor
7in. Ornamental Boxwood Topiary Ball - Outdoor
11in. Ornamental Boxwood Topiary Ball - Outdoor
13in. Ornamental Boxwood Topiary Ball - Outdoor
13in. Variegated Boxwood Topiary Ball - Outdoor
15in. Ornamental Boxwood Topiary Ball - Outdoor
15in. Variegated Boxwood Topiary Ball - Outdoor
19in. Ornamental Boxwood Topiary Ball - Outdoor

Add texture and shape to exteriors using Ornamental Boxwood Topiary Balls. This quality faux plant features impressively realistic foliage that replicates sophisticated topiary. Place single spheres atop classic urn planters, or arrange multiple plants in symmetrical patterns for a contemporary boost to any landscape or hardscape surface.

Boxwood topiary balls are the ultimate UV resistant plant choice for upscale homes, hotels, restaurants and more. Just like their live counterparts, these outdoor artificial plants have the trim look of a trained hedge, but without the risk of browning or overgrown foliage. And ornamental spheres are arranged at a greater density than other faux boxwood topiaries to yield a realistic, full look.

Adding topiary shapes is a great way to layer in new proportions and lend rhythm to architecture, landscapes, patios and walkways. Like a pair of urn planters topped with boxwood balls to flank an entryway or delineate a single step up to a landing. Or, picture an undulating row of ornamental spheres to accentuate walkways on the grounds of a luxury vacation resort. Boxwood spheres are also popular for events like weddings, fundraisers and corporate dinners that have a sleek, modern feel.

Faux boxwood balls are constructed out of commercial-quality synthetic materials with inherent UV protection. High-grade polyethylene is known for weather and fade resistant use outdoors and a lifelike look. And whereas live topiary can take years to establish, these ornamental spheres are ready to roll right away. Plus they never demand a professional hand to water and trim.

In addition to the ornamental round topiaries featured here, Artificial Plants Unlimited also offers a range of other outdoor-rated faux plants. Topiary also comes in spiral, cone and custom shapes, great for mixing and matching with boxwood spheres. Also ask about our full line of commercial-grade planters to create a comprehensive plant-scaping solution.