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Unique Door Knockers

Unique Door Knockers

One of a kind, unique door knockers in various designs is what this online compilation of custom door knockers has to offer. Make your entryway an entrance with unusual door knockers modeled after symbols, nature, hobbies and cultural themes.

Supplied by Hooks & Lattice, these unique door knockers are just one more way to distinguish your home. Custom door knockers have been in use for centuries, from dark and gothic iron designs, to unusual door knockers modeled after family traditions. With styles available in brass, bronze and tri-color, choose and order custom door knockers online. Each piece is crafted by a professional artisan using a meticulous process perfected over time, ensuring unique door knockers not only in terms of design but also in finishing.

For orders placed online, shipment is typically within 2-3 business days. Lead times may vary based on availability. Click on individual custom door knockers for more information and to view applicable color options.

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Victorian Urn Door Knocker
Fleur De Lis Door Knocker
Smiling Sunface Door Knocker
Hospitality Pineapple Door Knocker
Regal Lion Door Knocker
Cat Door Knocker
Price: $149.85
Dragonfly Door Knocker
Monarch Butterfly Door Knocker
Bumblebee Door Knocker
Surf Clam Door Knocker
Grape On The Vine Door Knocker
Palm Tree Door Knocker
Four Leaf Clover Door Knocker
Nantucket Basket Door Knocker
Sunflower Door Knocker
Yellow Rose Door Knocker
Fir Tree Door Knocker
Price: $144.85
Kokopelli Door Knocker
Steer Skull Door Knocker
Golf Putter Door Knocker
Tennis Racket Door Knocker
Doctor's Door Knocker
Price: $149.85
Cross Door Knocker
Price: $94.85

Custom door knockers make entryways memorable, especially when they are unusual door knockers in shapes expressive of a hobby, family theme or individual personality. Each of the unique door knockers found in this online compilation, supplied by Hooks & Lattice, is modeled after a symbol, a pastime, an animal or plant that various entrants will enjoy - including the most important, you!

Unusual door knockers are far from new on the entryway scene. For centuries, custom door knockers have served to display family monikers, religious symbolism or even stern warnings to keep away. No to worry though, each of the unique door knockers we supply is a welcoming piece that serves as an expression of a warmly receptive abode.

From butterflies and ladybugs, to sunflowers and palm trees, nature is well represented among these unique door knockers. More unusual door knockers include a Steer Skull or Kokopelli for Southwestern themed homes, and a Tennis Racket or Golf Putter door knocker for athletically inclined households. For a little luck, a Four Leaf Clover can grace your front door, or display some sophisticated, old-world symbolism with a Fleur de Lis or Victorian Urn design. With more than twenty unique door knockers in this category, an array of themes are represented.

Each of the custom door knockers featured here is truly a one of a kind piece, crafted by an expert in Artistic Decorative Hardware. Some designs come in brass or bronze only, and others come with your choice of a brass, bronze or tri-color finish. For more details, click on individual door knocker icons to view applicable options.

Both copper-based alloys, the bronze and brass utilized in these unique door knockers have a dynamic and rich color profile. Due to varying percentages of copper makeup, from 70 to 85%, undertones will vary to give each piece unique coloration and finish details. Buffing and sanding at exquisitely mastered levels helps to embellish raised and recessed details, while providing each custom door knockers' mirrored, polished finish.

Utilize our secure website to order custom door knockers online, or call for questions and details. Shipping and lead times may vary based on availability. We welcome your toll free call at 1-800-896-0978 (M-F, 7am-5pm PST).