Haws Brass Mister

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This beautiful brass plant mister is the ultimate tool for keeping humidity-loving plants healthy and green, without overwatering, which can lead to even more dangerous issues, such as root rot or mold growth, both of which are highly debilitating for plants. In 1886, John Haws of England started making watering cans, and for more than a century, Haws has been known as the premier supplier of quality indoor gardening products worldwide, so you can rest assured that you're getting the highest level of quality available. This delightful mister is no exception to their longstanding reputation for innovative design and high-grade products that will hold up over time without losing their flawless performance.

It holds ten ounces, and delivers a strong yet fine spray to your house plants when they need a little extra moisture, keeping them lightly wet at all times so they can grow and thrive at their very best. Order one for yourself, and one for an indoor gardening friend - it even comes in a box, so you can easily wrap it up for giving, as it makes a wonderful addition to any green thumb's collection!

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Length 10.5"
Height 6.5"
Width 9.5"
Material Brass
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