Enterprise Low Volt Wall Mount Light

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If you want to install lighting but need the light beam to point in a specific, and rather odd direction, gooseneck brass lighting is the solution. The lights are crafted from brass and has a weathered brass finish. The long neck of the light can be manipulated to reach into areas such as corners and underneath objects. The light is low voltage, which mean the light uses very little current to run, and if safe for use outdoors. The lights can be installed on a patio, porch or deck, or in a yard. Using them on the perimeter of your yard allows you to move the light so it can shine where you need it to. They are also easier to change around in the event that the light bothered a neighbor. Create special lit spaces and increase the overall positive ambience of your space by including this light and some additional lights in the design plans. And as an added bonus, your electric bill will practically remain where is usually is since the lights will barely make the needle jump.