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Yorkshire Terrier Door Knocker

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5.5"H X 3.75"W X 2.75"D

These unique Yorkshire Terrier Dog Knockers are the only artistic decorative door hardware of their kind. The Yorkshire Terrier Dog Door Knockers are sculptural pieces that offer a level of detail and beauty that was previously available only in art galleries. Painstaking attention to detail while sculpting the original clay model has resulted in capturing the individual character of the Yorkshire Terrier, including the soulful eyes and every detail in the fur that makes these dogs the unique beauties you know and love. It all starts with a sketch of the Yorkshire Terrier, which is then sculpted into a highly detailed three dimensional clay model that captures the essence of each breed. Impressions of the model are made in fine sand into which 2300 degree molten bronze is poured.

Each Yorkshire Terrier Door Knocker mold can be used only once making each piece a truly unique profile with a one of a kind appeal that makes each and every item we produce a true work of art. It also allows for customization, since you can request details unique to your own dog, or for a doorknocker depicting another bread or animal altogether. After the bronze cools, the sand is broken away, and the raw casting of the Yorkshire Terrier emerges. A dark patina is applied and your Yorkshire Terrier Dog Knocker is brought to life by skilled hand polishing which highlights features and enhances details for a truly realistic appearance that will have guests doing a double take whenever they approach your door. Your Yorkshire Terrier Dog Knocker receives a clear polyurethane finish to provide years of carefree maintenance, since it's been baked in to provide superior rust and weather resistance, allowing this prized piece to maintain its luster and beauty over the long haul. There is no better way to let your friends and neighbors know how special your Yorkshire Terrier is, whether you are celebrating your furry friend today, or commemorating a special dog from the past!

5.5"H X 3.75"W X 2.75"D