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Bronze Laguna Fiberglass Window Boxes

Warm and inviting, bronze window boxes have all the durability of fiberglass while complementing a wide range of both modern and conventional decors. Sporting sleek, clean lines, each of these lightweight window planters display decorative molding details on the top as well as the bottom. Easy to mount, they come with coordinating brackets for windows and walls, or add to deck railings with the purchase of special metal railing brackets. Our bronze fiberglass flower boxes come in several sizes, too, with customization for larger boxes always an option. Drainage holes are included and a self-watering system is available for frequent travelers or first time gardeners.

Finally, bronze fiberglass window boxes have several advantages over other materials. They provide superior durability, have unsurpassed strength and age well even in harsh weather conditions. They won't peel, warp or rot, and can't be damaged by insects. Since our lightweight bronze window boxes require a special painting process, please allow a two to three week lead time.

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24in. Laguna Fiberglass Window Box - Bronze
30in. Laguna Fiberglass Window Box - Bronze
36in. Laguna Fiberglass Window Box - Bronze
42in. Laguna Fiberglass Window Box - Bronze
48in. Laguna Fiberglass Window Box - Bronze
54in. Laguna Fiberglass Window Box - Bronze
60in. Laguna Fiberglass Window Box - Bronze
72in. Laguna Fiberglass Window Box - Bronze

Putting On The Glitz With Bronze Window Boxes

If you have been looking for ways to improve your home's appearance, look no further than lightweight window planters filled with colorful flowers to dress it up. Without a doubt, the elegance of bronze window boxes adds charm and class to any home, increasing its curb appeal so that it stands out in your neighborhood. Complete with stainless steel brackets and an integrated cleat-mounting system, each box can be easily installed on walls or windows, while providing ample room for vivid blooms and blossoms or even greenery to set your home apart from the pack. And if cooking with fresh herbs and vegetables is your thing, fill these lightweight window planters and install them near the kitchen for easy access when preparing special meals for family and friends. Durable yet sturdy, our fiberglass flower boxes are also ideal for placement on porch or deck railings. Just pick up the specific metal brackets for mounting and show off your deck with these beauties.

Fiberglass Planters That Will Outlast Your Other Planters

Besides being attractive and lightweight, bronze window boxes come in a variety of sizes, stretching from a petite twenty-four inches long up to a lengthy seventy-two inches long, with custom sizing always available. What's more, each box is equipped with drainage holes in the bottom to prevent over-watering. And for first time gardeners or individuals who travel a lot, check out our self-watering systems that fit perfectly in any size box, which are designed to keep flowers and plants hydrated and nourished for up to two weeks while you are away. Ultimately, the beauty of fiberglass bronze window boxes are their durability, outlasting many other window box materials in that they won't rot, warp, or peel. Plus, they are also insect resistant. For additional information and customization options, please contact our expert staff at 1-800-896-0978.