48in. Regalia Decora Window Box w/ (2) Brown Vinyl Liners

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Stunning Flower Boxes for Decks
You've seen the conventional window box planters and what they can do when it comes to updating a home. But you may not realize that with the right brackets and hardware, these planters can be used in a variety of other locations throughout your yard and patio areas. Place them along deck or porch railings, or even high up on balconies if you live in an apartment. They can also be placed along fences and outdoor walls. Any flat structure will do. These planter cages add a more "put together" look for your home, while providing ample gardening space for even those who don't have a yard. Imagine enjoying your own kitchen herbs or a luxurious flower arrangement right outside your door. It's all possible, no matter where you live.

Make Gardening a Cinch
Each deck rail planter comes with a liner already in place. Liners make planting much easier since soil and flowers may be added right to the liner itself. Then, simply lift it into place. When it needs to be removed due to inclement weather or for re-planting, the liner also easily lifts right back out for worry-free portability. All liners feature holes pre-drilled into the bottom to allow for proper drainage. And proper drainage prevents excess water from causing root rot and other damage to delicate root systems. Our Regalia Decora window box plant liners also come in a myriad of colors and can be customized to seamlessly fit any planter dimensions you choose.

Unbeatable Weather Resistance
We want you to be happy in your investment, and that means providing products that will last through the seasons. Each of our wrought iron cages is handmade to ensure high levels of detail and attention are paid to each one. Iron is highly sturdy all on its own in terms of strength, but we go the extra mile by adding a powder coated finish to the planter and the liner. That means the colors are baked into the metal directly, offering greater protection against rusting and fading than surface paint alone.

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Length 48"
Height 7.5"
Mounting Type Mounting Strip
Liner Bronze
Color Black
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