72in. Regalia Decora Window Box w/ (2) Brown Vinyl Liner

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Not Just Any Flower Box
Whether you have a large floral arrangement in mind that will beautify your home's façade or you're looking to start that garden to keep fresh herbs right outside your kitchen window, these large hanging planters are sure to fit the bill. They're made to install easily along window sills like most conventional planters you've seen/ Yet, with our additional hardware and brackets they're also easily mounted on walls, or even along deck and patio railings. Your gardening aspirations are now within reach, even if you live in an area without a yard and with limited patio space.

Convenience and Strength in One
As with all of our products, this window box was designed with longevity in mind. You'll find that it easily holds up against most any weather conditions, thanks to its sturdy iron construction and powder coated finish. Powder coating goes a step beyond conventional paint by baking the colors right into the metal rather than simply applying them over the surface. This provides superior protection against rust, fading, and peeling when used in direct sun or humid areas. Additionally, the liners are designed to hold up equally as well, while also making for a more convenient growing experience. Add soil and seedlings directly to the liner, and then move it into place. When flowers need to be taken indoors, moved, or discarded, the liner easily lifts from the planter for easy access. Holes are drilled into the bottom of each liner for proper drainage and aeration.

Everything in One Place
Not only do we provide world class planters, but we have everything you need to make your gardening setup complete. Find brackets and other hardware for easy installation. We also carry additional sizes and liner options to suit the size of your windows or your own personal sense of style. Add the internal watering system to keep plants healthy and hydrated. Or find one of our many faux plants and forget having to water, prune, or trim at all!

More Information
Length 72"
Height 7.5"
Mounting Type Mounting Strip
Liner Bronze
Color Black
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