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Galvanized Window Boxes- Bronze Tone Metal

Ask yourself - "When was the last time I was truly happy with my outdoor garden décor?" If your answer is, "It has been awhile," then maybe you should invest in something to spruce up your exterior home curb appeal - something such as a few galvanized window boxes. These bronze-toned metal window boxes are perfectly constructed by an expert craftsman, and they arrive equipped with an equally amazing flower box planter liner. The bronze tones are shiny and polished - perfect for accommodating autumnal colors and sprawling, vibrant green ivy. Furthermore, the finish on these metal window boxes is resistant to rusting and similar weather damage.

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24in. Galvanized Window Box- Bronze Tone
30in. Galvanized Window Box- Bronze Tone
36in. Galvanized Window Box- Bronze Tone
42in. Galvanized Window Box- Bronze Tone
48in. Galvanized Window Box- Bronze Tone
60in. Galvanized Window Box- Bronze Tone
72in. Galvanized Window Box- Bronze Tone

Gorgeous Galvanized Window Boxes - Bronze Tone

For a polished look in window box planters, check out the galvanized window boxes from Hooks and Lattice. The galvanized metal and powder coated bronze tone is superior to spray painting because the color is baked on. This makes our metal planter boxes resistant to rust and deterioration caused by wind and rain in inclement weather. Plus, they can be effectively used as window box liners in our Decora Window Box Cage series» as well, without having to replace them from one year to the next; unless you want a new spring color. Whether using as a liner or a stand-alone window box planter, the gorgeous Galvanized Window Boxes are great for increasing your home's curb appeal.

Ways to Use - Garden on Railings, Walls and Windows

Made from durable and tough high quality steel, these galvanized window boxes come with pre-drilled drainage hole, helping to prevent root rot from overwatering. What's more, they can be mounted to any wall using our eight inch Shelf Window Box Brackets». Or, if you would like to spruce up your outdoor porch railings or the back deck, we carry brackets specifically designed for railing installation». Just add flower varieties of your choosing. If you prefer, plant hanging vines for a festive, holiday look.

Order Standard Window Box Planters Online or Customize!

Sized from twenty-four to seventy-two inches in length, our metal planter boxes fit most standard size windows. If you need larger or smaller sizes, our custom department can create whatever length you require for windows or railings. (When shopping for porch or deck railings, please check with our customer service department. They will help you choose appropriate brackets and hardware for installation. What's more, any of our galvanized window box planters, can be made to include a self-watering window box by adding a tapered reservoir to reduce the need for frequent watering.

With the shiny and polished look of bronze, your home's exterior or your window box cage using our bronze planter as a liner, will look regal and elegant, boosting curb appeal and improving your existing decor ten-fold. And you are not confined to bronze all year long. Pick up more than one and change colors with the seasons. For more information, contact one of our design specialists today.