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ArmoreCoat Bronze Laguna Window Box

For an authentic bronze flower box that will patina over time, choose the Laguna Bronze Window Box with an ArmoreCoat finish.

Architects and owners of distinctive homes love using bronze as an exterior accent. The rich, warm color of bronze communicates traditional elegance, and over time, exposure to the natural elements transforms it into a beautiful verdigris patina. Unfortunately, solid bronze window boxes are prohibitively expensive and impractical.

At Hooks & Lattice, we've developed a solution: the unique ArmoreCoat process. We begin with a rot-proof, durable cellular Fiberglass flower box in a standard or custom size. Then we apply real bronze to the surface, where it bonds to create a beautiful finish. Hang your bronze ArmoreCoat window planter outside, and as the months and years go by, the exterior will transform into a lovely grey-green color.

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24in. ArmoreCoat Bronze Laguna Premier
30in. ArmoreCoat Bronze Laguna Premier
36in. ArmoreCoat Bronze Laguna Premier
42in. ArmoreCoat Bronze Laguna Premier
48in. ArmoreCoat Bronze Laguna Premier
54in. ArmoreCoat Bronze Laguna Premier
60in. ArmoreCoat Bronze Laguna Premier
72in. ArmoreCoat Bronze Laguna Premier
The ArmoreCoat Bronze Laguna Premier Window Box is exclusive to Hooks & Lattice! This premier window box is as innovative as it is lovely. We've had requests for years for bronze window boxes, and gradually conquered the challenges needed to bring them to market. We solved the problems of cost and weight by working with artisans to create an authentic bronze coating for Fiberglass. The Fiberglass solves other traditional problems. It collects and holds just a fraction of the heat pure metal collects on a hot day - less watering.

Speaking of watering, be sure to consider a self-watering renewable water liner for your window boxes. Flower window boxes - or perhaps yours are foliage, which are the same - do need a little extra watering because they are compact and have more exposed surfaces than most container planters. Instead, you can cut your plant watering duties way back, from three days to three weeks longer than normal. All of our liners attach to a hose for easy refills.

Allow your ArmoreCoat bronze window boxes to shade to the classic patina of the ancient world or keep them brand-new with a polish and finish coat. Picture the exceptional curb appeal window boxes will add to your home - they are an easy and inexpensive way to create a more inviting presentation. And a lot of fun into the bargain. Our window boxes are also designed for easy installation - integrated brackets are included with these exclusive window planters.

So what will you plant in your bronze window box? As you see, fuchsia and white are a winning combination, but you can hardly go wrong with a bronze planter. Bright, warm oranges, yellows and reds are great, and these window boxes provide an elegant accent to foliage of all colors.