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Bronze Arch Cage Wrought Iron Planter

Upgrade your home's fašade and increase curb appeal with Arch design wrought iron planters that will match your existing flower planters. The Arch iron planters were designed to match our Arch style window box cages perfectly for a cohesive look throughout your landscape. The bronze Arch planter features:

  • Wrought iron cage construction
  • Choice of PVC, metal or real copper inserts
  • Five sizes online, plus customs available

Handcrafted from old world style wrought iron, these outdoor planters are built to withstand years of use outdoors in the elements. The cages are powder coated bronze to protect them from rusting and deteriorating ahead of schedule. Liners are available in white PVC, powder coated galvanized metal (bronze, copper, black) or 100% real copper for an upscale finishing touch. The Arch Planters are built with elevating feet to preserve surfaces and the planter box itself, while allowing for proper drainage.

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24in. Arch Design Footed Bronze Planter w/ Liner
36in. Arch Design Footed Bronze Planter w/ Liner
48in. Arch Design Footed Bronze Planter w/ Liner
60in. Arch Design Footed Bronze Planter w/ Liner
72in. Arch Design Footed Bronze Planter w/ Liner

Outdoor Wrought Iron Planters that Exude Elegance

Design and create your dream container garden with these wrought iron planters. Interwoven bands of slender wrought iron create a crossed pattern with gentle curves that are showcased with a delicate and elegant sense of style. The dark finish works beautifully with a wide range of home decor themes. What's more, these planters may be combined with any number of liners to achieve whatever look you're going for. Elevated feet keep the planter itself up off on the ground, allowing for proper drainage and protection for the interior liner or box. It also adds an additional dose of style to the look. Place on the porch or patio, as an accent, or for use in conjunction with window box planters in similar designs.

Quality Planters Hand-Wrought by our Artisans

These planters are crafted from long lasting wrought iron, which provides the stability and strength your plants need to thrive when placed in large outdoor planters. The finish is then powder coated for additional weather resistance, particularly helpful in harsh weather conditions. Cracking, fading, and rusting are no longer issues, even in areas with frequently inclement weather conditions like direct sun, wind, and rain. And unlike wood planters, there's also no warping or rotting. Nor, is there reason to worry about insects damaging your planter since they're insect resistant. They're manufactured with the highest quality, resulting in superior durability and strength, allowing you to enjoy whatever plant life you had in mind.

In addition to their durability, the spacious interior of these planters allows for planting most flowers, greenery, vining plants, and even edibles, so you can create whatever garden you desire. Create a stunning arrangement of vibrant and colorful blossoms, arranged beautifully along your patio or porch area. Or, place them along a commercial setting using simple greenery or even vines. They also make wonderful small herb, vegetable, and berry gardens for those who want to finally get around to growing their own food, but may not have the time and space they need for conventional gardening.

Planters that Mind Your Root Systems

Each of these planters is also ideal for keeping plants healthy. Effective drainage systems keep roots from rotting and prevents issues pertaining to over watering or heavy rainfall. Planters can also be easily moved from one area to another to achieve proper sunlight levels for seasonal plants. Or, just change your style from time to time and keep your garden area looking fresh. Choose from a variety of liners - PVC, galvanized steel, and real copper - to achieve just the look you're going for.

Looking for something a little different from what you see here? We offer custom options so you can fully accommodate your unique environment, design aspirations, and sense of style. While there are also numerous sizes available, ask our customer support experts about additional sizes to fit your patio or deck. Or, discuss optional colors for the liner or window box cage and coordinate your planter with your exterior design theme or surrounding planters.

Just call toll-free or click now to discuss whatever options will allow you to create the planter of your dreams.