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Butterfly Wall Art & Dragonfly Wall Decor

Let captivating butterfly wall art add a light and even whimsical note to a favorite spot. They're fun for children and entrancing for adults. Or perhaps you would prefer dragon fly wall decor. It's often a difficult choice - you may want to combine or repeat these fascinating three-dimensional metal pieces.

Our butterfly wall decor gives you a wide choice of images, from large single butterflies in flight to several pausing delicately on a plant. In flight or hovering, delicate open scrollwork and varied hues create shimmer that will change in every light. Shadows through the open work further enhance the beauty of our butterfly wall art. Choose a favorite plant design to accent your butterfly wall art, whether bold leaves or delicate curved tendrils. Select butterflies in rich metals - gold, copper and silver tones - as well as bright colors, again with openwork in their wings to add still more accents to your butterfly wall decor.

Dragon fly wall art celebrates their four lovely wings, sometimes so transparent they appear to have none, and at other times iridescent, accented by colors seen through their wings as they zip by in the outdoors.

Butterfly Swirls
Price: $49.85
Set 4 Tropical Butterflies
Tuscan Butterfly Wall Planter Hurricane
Tuscan Dragonfly Wall Planter Hurricane
Antiqued Butterfly Wall Decor
Butterfly wall decor and dragon fly wall art will dance on your walls, just as they do in nature. It's always a good day to think about those sunny high summer days when they flit so beautifully.

Metal wall decor like our dragon fly and butterfly wall art is delicately crafted to create surprisingly light and airy looks befitting their subjects.

Delicate styling details in our butterfly wall art collection include scrolling and cutouts in butterfly wings to add depth, light and shadow to three-dimensional butterfly wall decor pieces, crafted to reflect some of the most beautiful among butterfly shapes. From a lovely single to six butterflies, some in flight and others perched delicately on plants that add additional design and line to those pieces, you're sure to find your own favorite butterfly wall art piece.

And, thanks to our dragon fly wall art you will at last be able to contemplate their lovely shape. In nature, it seems that they are always darting by - it's rare for one to pause long enough for a good look. In fact, they are among the swiftest flyers in the insect world. They've been clocked by scientists at an average of 36 miles per hour and some flew more than 435 miles before tiny transmitters wore out in spring and fall migrations. Dragon fly wall decor stays nicely put so you can enjoy your dragonflies.